How Many Hairs Are There in 1 Graft?

How Many Hairs Are There in 1 Graft? Hair loss is an issue affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It does not discriminate by gender either. Both men and women can suffer from it. Around 85% of the men report suffering from a notable hair loss at some point before hitting fifty years of age. 

Women fare a little better, with around 50% reporting having at least one episode of notable hair loss before reaching that same age.

Since this is a problem that many people face today, there surely have to be some answers to the condition of hair loss. And so there are. Many products offer to grow your hair back or stop you from balding. 

Many of them also don’t do anything actually or at least don’t do enough. Some might work but require continuous doses of it to maintain results and might even bring some side effects.

But there’s one definitive answer to your hair loss woes. This answer is hair transplant, and it’s a permanent solution to the problem of permanent hair loss.

There’s much technical knowledge surrounding the procedure as well as many technical terminologies. Two of those that pique people’s curiosity are the questions “What exactly is hair graft?” and “How many hairs are in one graft unit?”

What Is a Hair Graft?

Conventional logic dictates that a “hair graft” refers simply to hair taken out for grafting. And that would be correct, but there’s so much more behind it.

You see, the hair on your scalp might look shiny and lively (at least sometimes), but it is not truly alive. If you pluck one hair from your head, another one pops out to take its place given you are not yet balding. This is due to the hairs actually sprouting out of a tiny organ located beneath your scalp called a hair follicle. 

The hair follicle is the organ responsible for growing the hair, which happens on a cyclical process. 

A hair follicle is what’s extracted by the surgeon from the donor site as a hair graft, which they then graft into the receiving site. 

By taking healthy hair follicles from the donor site into the receiving site, the surgeon effectively repopulates it. The hair follicles will continue to grow in their new location, blending in seamlessly.

So How Many Hairs Are There in 1 Graft?

Each hair graft contains 1 hair follicle. In turn, each hair follicle can contain anywhere between 1 to 4 hairs. Most commonly, each hair follicle has on them 2 hairs on average.

The shrinking of the hair follicles is also the reason for androgenic alopecia, better known as baldness. 

A hormone in our bodies called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) binds itself to our hair follicles. Once there, it creates a chemical reaction that begins the progressive shrinking of the hair follicles until they no longer grow.

If this is the case, a hair transplant procedure is the only way to return hair onto the scalp in order to restore your youthful looks.Our surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in the procedure, and our prices are affordable. Contact us if restoring your healthy hair is what you are looking for.

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