How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? The body produces the most precious chemicals for the care of the hair, which is already self-producing. This chemical is called sebum. Sebum is actually the oil in the hair. Sebum moisturises hair and prevents it from drying out and becoming weak.

The pores that produce sebum are located right next to the hair follicles. They are connected to the hair follicles through a thin channel and allow the sebum to reach the root of the hair.

The body structure and hence the rate of production of sebum is different. This is because of many factors, especially genetic causes, hormone imbalance, and climatic conditions. Since the hormones responsible for sebum production are secreted most during puberty, most of us have extra oily hair and skin during these years.

Care for Your Hair

You should have heard the trio “foam, rinse, repeat” though you are wondering if this is true. In fact, it depends on your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time in the open space or use large amounts of hairstyling products, shampooing can help you clear the dirt. If you wash your hair almost every day, shampooing once will be a good practice, because excess shampoo can remove natural, protective oils from the hair and leave the hair unprotected.

When our seasons and weather change, our hair needs different treatments. During the winter months, the hair may dry out and become dull due to low humidity. Similarly, the sun in the summer can wear out the hair.

Hair Types and Suggestions

Since everyone has different sebum rates, the frequency of hair-washing will not be the same. However, experts say that it is unnecessary to wash our hair every day. Beyond being unnecessary, overwashing the hair causes more harm than good. There is an ambivalent situation here. Those who wash their hair to get rid of the oil in their hair dry their scalp, causing more oil to be produced.

Oily Hair

If you have oily hair, you can see a shine in the bottom of the hair. This shine will make your hair look dirty. Those who have oily hair should apply shampoo by massaging the scalp to remove the oil that accumulates. In this way, they can clean their hair from oil and dirt.

Dry Hair

You can keep your hair’s oil balance by washing your dry hair every two days. You should not wash your dry hair daily and avoid using hot water. Hot water can cause your hair to dry out even more. In your hair-care routine, you can control the dryness of your hair by using products that do not contain substances such as sulfate and paraben.

Mixed-Type Hair

If you have mixed-type hair, we recommend you wash your hair every day. Mixed hair is very suitable for oiling during the day, just like oily hair. In order to prevent the hair strands from shining and to make your hair look clean, you must first adjust your hair to this situation. First, start washing your hair every three to four days with a shampoo suitable for oily hair. Your hair will get used to this situation within a few weeks. Afterwards, you can go to the usual order and wash your hair every two days with daily shampoos suitable for normal hair.

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