How Scalp Massage Can Prevent Hair Loss

How Scalp Massage Can Prevent Hair Loss, Hair loss is a condition that many people experience. Its reasons vary, but the one zone that people do not like to lose hair from the most is the scalp. Your scalp is more than just skin. Underneath it, there are structures called hair follicles, from which hair grows.

A lot of treatments tackle hair loss focus on the internal processes of the body and the hair follicles. But recently, there’s been some proof pointing out that something as simple as massaging the scalp could also be beneficial. To know how to a scalp massage can prevent hair loss, first, you need to learn a bit about the scalp.

What Is the Scalp?

The skin located at the top, at the sides, and at the back of your head is the scalp. And just like the roots of a tree are under the earth, the roots of your hair (the hair follicles) sit between the scalp layers. The layer of skin protects them. And they are securely placed in the tissue below, ready to sprout hair.

For that purpose, the blood flow of your body, which reaches the scalp nourishes the hair follicles with all the nutrients it requires to grow hair. Each hair follicle itself also has a gland attached. This is called the sebaceous gland, and this gland secretes the sebum. This is the oil that keeps your hair healthy.

Both the production of the hair and the sebum oil that is necessary to keep it healthy are critically tied to the blood flow that reaches the scalp. Therefore, improving the blood flow leads to improving the production of hair.

How Scalp Massage Works to Prevent Hair Loss

During a scalp massage, the use of a series of massage techniques on the scalp stimulates the skin by gently stretching it. The result of the stimulation increases blood flow into the area due to blood circulation reacting to the pressure applied.

The increased blood flow will result in more nutrient intake by the hair follicle, which will ultimately strengthen the hair. Also, receiving a scalp massage is a deeply relaxing experience, more so if a professional does it for you. And since there’s an established relation between hair loss and stress, it represents a great added bonus.

How to Perform a Scalp Massage to Prevent Hair Loss

There are professional massage therapists that you can employ to take care of your scalp massage needs. Alternatively, you can very well do it yourself as a form of hair care. You would only need your fingers, a bit of time, and some patience.

Simply use the fingertips of both of your hands. Place them on your scalp, and apply some light pressure. Deliver the pressure while making circular motions with the fingers. Work this way across your scalp, and do not miss a spot. Keep it up for at least 5 minutes every day, 10 minutes if you are a bit more serious about it or simply like it.

Also, you can apply the massage when you are in the shower to better cleanse and hydrate your scalp. Do it either during the shampooing or conditioning part of your shower. Or better yet, do it during both for 5 minutes each.

If you don’t see any improvement and, rather, see actually more hair falling out, contact your doctor. An underlying condition might be at work there. For help and advice regarding hair loss, you can always contact us.

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