How Successful Is FUE Hair Transplant?

How Successful Is FUE Hair Transplant? Hair loss is a common problem for both males and females. Losing hair is considered normal as long as new ones grow in its place. However, when you realize that you are shedding so much hair and it does not grow again, there can be a serious problem. Don’t be worried if you are having this problem. Nowadays there are many ways to terminate shedding. As a matter of fact, you can get your hair back if you get the right treatment.

How Successful Is FUE Hair Transplant?

If you are having baldness problems, you have probably heard about the hair transplant, a procedure that promises permanent and natural-looking new hair. Moreover, if you have done a research about it, you probably saw one of the most promising methods: the FUE technique. 

If you are thinking of it, you can have doubts in your mind, such as how the procedure is performed, how long it takes, and most importantly, how successful it is. Let’s try to find the answers to these questions.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant?

The FUE hair transplant is a popular and modern method most commonly used around the world for hair transplantation on the head. Basically, it is based on the removal of microfollicular units from the donor area, then transplanting them on the problematic scalp area. The FUE method gives excellent results on hair transplants as long as the hair specialist is very careful in removing and grafting the hair follicles.

The operation specialist extracts the hair follicles from behind the back of the neck, which is called the donor area. After extracting the hair grafts, the doctor prepares the hair follicles for placement into the bald scalp area. He then places them on canals that penetrated by microscopic blades. The FUE method for eyebrow transplants can take from four to twelve hours. 

It demands very delicate work because the specialist has to take hair follicles very carefully and plant them with the same amount of care. If the doctor does not pay attention, the whole operation can be harmful, giving unexpected results. The operation specialist also has to be very careful in planting the hair follicles at the correct angle in the problematic area to ensure the most natural-looking hair. The FUE method is the best method for hair transplants.

The Success Rate of FUE Hair Transplant

The overall success rate of the FUE hair transplant surgery is 95 percent. However, the success of the operation may be different for anyone because as we all know, each body has different reactions to procedures. The success rate largely depends on how many good follicles you have left in the donor area, how large the bald area is that you want to cover, and the skill of the hair transplant specialist. 

In addition to that, we should include the healing process too. The hair will not grow as soon as we get out of the facility. It takes one year for the hair to grow completely. At this point, the further success of the procedure is up to you. If you follow the instructions of your doctor and protect your head well, then you will get the result you desire.

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