How to Achieve Great Hair Transplant Results in Small Sessions?

Hair transplant operations are becoming more and more popular each day. Recent developments in technology and experienced clinicians have optimised the operation procedure. Nowadays, patients can leave the clinic on the same day as the operation. They come back the next day for bandage removal, and the essential part of the operation is complete. 

Even though the process is easy on the patient, it is still a surgical operation nonetheless. Patients lose a certain amount of blood, and they get some surgical incisions. After the operation, there’s always a certain amount of aftercare. That includes but not limited to, the set of medications that patients have to use.

What if you have multiple Hair Transplants

Some patients choose to have multiple hair transplantation operations. Having various processes has some advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is experiencing less pain during operations. So if you have a low tolerance to pain, this might be a good option for you. Though still, many people sensitive to pain choose to have a single more significant operation instead. This way, they feel that they don’t have to experience stress repeatedly. So pick a style that fits your needs.

Another advantage of getting multiple hair transplant operations is the reduction in stress. When you leave some time to recover between operations your scalp tissue gets to repair itself better. Meaning this way, you get slightly less scarring and the donor coverage is better.

Although most people who don’t have serious health problems prefer one bigger operation. Same goes for people with healthy skin too, even if they have some mild to moderate health problems. 

Determining the price

The price is another critical factor to consider. Having multiple operations requiring multiple aftercare routines will definitely cost you more money. In order to learn the best options for you, you can get in touch with us. Here, our doctors will help you with their best.

All in all, having smaller sessions when getting a hair transplant operation is mostly the patient’s choice. Some doctors may favour smaller operations due to its lighter effects, and they will recommend you this type. 

On the other hand, regulations in some countries prevent doctors from doing more than a certain number of grafts. Patients in these countries often seek treatment abroad. esteGrande is a wildly popular destination with its health services in Istanbul. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about your options.


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