How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows?

How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows? They say that eyes don’t lie. While it may be true, there’s more to look into this statement. Eyebrows are the frame of eyes, and they play a pretty important role in conveying emotions and gestures to others. We infer many different emotions by taking in data from a person’s eyebrows subconsciously. We can tell if someone is afraid, excited, flustered, gloomy and whatnot though beauty routines of the 21st century can sometimes jeopardise the appearance and expressiveness of eyebrows.

How to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows?

Traditional ailments to sparse eyebrows were using special makeup tools for eyebrow area. Though, in recent years, the demand for eyebrow transplantation has been steadily increasing.

What Exactly Is An Eyebrow Transplant

In an eyebrow hair transplantation procedure, a team of professionals extract hair follicles from the person’s own body. Then the team transfers it to the eyebrow in an aesthetically pleasing manner to achieve a natural eyebrow shape.

The Procedure in Detail

Eyebrow transplantation procedure is pretty much a type of FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure. 

First, a specialist numbs the donor area behind the head with local anaesthetics. Then with the help of a micromotor, the specialist opens tiny punches around selected follicles. 

  • The main difference of eyebrow transplantations is the extent of the donor area and the type of hair we look for.
  • Eyebrow hair does not grow very long and is not as thick as regular hair. That’s why we extract hair from lower parts of the nape (lower area behind the head where the hairline begins). Hair around this part is thinner and does not grow as long or as fast as regular hair.

After the micromotor does its job, the team extracts the follicles with a tweezer and stores them in a special solution. This solution ensures the vitality of follicular tissue. 

Then the specialist doctor opens tiny slots for hair follicles to go in called canals. The medical team takes over after the canals are open and begins implanting follicles into place one by one. The procedure of eyebrow transplantation usually takes much shorter than a regular hair transplant.

The Results of the Procedure In the Long Run

The donor area stays unaffected by the extraction after the extraction sites heal. So there’s no scarring anywhere. The results of eyebrow transplantation last a whole lifetime as the follicles are your own tissue. If you do not have an autoimmune disease, you can expect to wear those brows forever. Of course, provided that you do not do something to harm the follicles (excessive plucking, excessive chemical treatment, etc.).

If you are seeking to restore the appearance of your brows, feel free to contact our team of experts at esteGrande. Getting eyebrow transplantation can and will improve how good you look in general. Most importantly, another plus is that it is a one-time procedure. You won’t need to do makeup every day or books any more microblading sessions after this procedure.

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