How to Choose Your Clinic for a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

How to Choose Your Clinic for a Hair Transplant in Turkey? There are many things to consider when picking a place to get hair transplantation. Choosing a doctor is hard work, and choosing which treatment to get is perhaps even harder.

How to Choose Your Clinic for a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

When it comes to the method of hair transplantation, you pretty much have three options. Hair transplantation centres usually offer two of them nowadays, though. The three hair transplantation methods are as follows:

  • FUT
  • DHI
  • FUE

Different methods have different advantages they provide. We will summarise them to give you an idea about what will suit you the best.

The Outdated Method: FUT

Follicular unit transplantation is a slightly older approach to hair transplantation. In this surgery, the doctor cuts out a flap from behind the patient’s scalp and stitches the remaining parts together. This procedure is the cheapest option for hair transplantation, but it has a major disadvantage. 

FUT surgery leaves a sizable scar at the skin flap extraction site. While the scar appears invisible when the patient has their hair long, it never disappears completely. 

This scarring means that the patient cannot go for certain hairstyles as long as they live.

FUE Method: The Current Industry Standard

In this procedure, instead of giving the patient a big scar, we utilise a different method. We use an electrical device called a micromotor that punches millimetric (usually around .9 mm in diameter) holes around the follicles. We pick follicles homogeneously from all around the donor area so that one area does not get overharvested. This overharvest will result in a patchy look, and we certainly avoid this with all our patients. 


After extraction, we take follicles out one by one and prepare them for implantation. The skin flap we mentioned earlier needs further dissection to get individual follicles ready for implantation. The FUE method eliminates this need. FUE operation also enables us to achieve a better hairline than FUT. Many FUT patients come to us seeking FUE transplantation to cover up their FUT scars. It is a bit more expensive than FUT procedure, but it surely is worth the difference.

DHI: For Those Who Like to Feel Special

Direct hair implantation, or DHI for short, is a slightly different approach to the FUE method. Initially, they have the exact same extraction process with FUE. After the extraction, though, we utilise several pens called Choi pens.

In the FUE method, we open canals for insertion after the grafts are harvested and ready for implantation. 

Canals are tiny holes where the follicles go in FUE operations. In DHI, there is no need for opening any canals. 

The Choi pens work by taking in a single follicle and implanting it directly on the recipient area. The pen opens the canal and inserts the follicle at the same time. This eliminates the need for the canal-opening phase. Though this operation takes the longest and is the most expensive among the three, this method seems to be the most effective. Patients often go for combined FUE plus DHI treatments too.

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