How To Conceal Recent Hair Transplant Surgery?

How To Conceal Recent Hair Transplant Surgery? Having a healthy and dense looking hair has a huge impact on our confidence. Luckily, the people who suffer from hair loss or baldness may receive a natural and permanent treatment with modern surgical innovations. 

This marvellous treatment is called the hair transplant operation. Millions of people are choosing this method today for gaining their confidence and healthy, dense hair. And the results they get from these operations are highly successful. 

Since the operation transplants the natural hair of the patient, it is natural. But the fact that the patient has gone through an operation may be apparent in the first couple of weeks after the operation. And some patients do not want the others to realize that they had surgery. That is why we are going to share the most effective ways of concealing your recent hair transplant operation.

The Best Ways for Concealing the Recent Hair Transplant

  • Wash your hair frequently

A few days after the operation, you will see some tiny scabs forming on your scalp. These scabs will be an indicator that you went through a hair transplant surgery. But if you wash your hair frequently, there will be fewer scabs, and thus, the operation will be less noticeable. But be careful not to wash it too rough, you may damage the grafts by accident and lose some hair follicles.

  • Use makeup

If you have had a hairline surgery, you may experience some redness on your forehead and the other upper parts of your face. Using makeup is an effective solution for hiding these red areas. But do not apply it right after the operation. Ask your doctor for the appropriate time. If you do it too early, you may harm the hair follicles with the chemicals in the cosmetic product that you are using.

  • Benefit from your long hair

If your hair is naturally long, perhaps you can use them to hide the transplanted area. You can achieve this by simply changing the way you comb your hair. You should comb it in a way that will make them fall over the transplanted area. This will be a very effective method if you want to conceal the temporary signs of your recent hair transplant surgery.

  • Try hair concealers

If your hair is short and you want to keep it that way, you can consider using a hair concealer. They are products made with the intention of hiding hair loss. They are usually made up of nanofiber strands. It will not be hard to find the best hair concealer that will not look any different from your original hair. 

  • Change the side of your parting

This is another option that does not require any prosthesis-like accessories. You can achieve this by simply changing the direction of your parting. The loss usually affects the frontal parts of the head. Most probably, you will have the hair transplant to that area. So, it is where you need to comb your hair towards. If you can manage to cover the frontal area, the scabs will be invisible to the people.


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