How to Cover Bald Spots? Are you having trouble with hair loss problems? Want to hide your balding spots? Millions of people are suffering from hair loss around the world. Although it is a prevalent condition, most people who are experiencing hair loss find it frustrating. Going bald could damage one’s self-esteem, thus affect one’s social and interpersonal life adversely.

Hair loss can sometimes be treatable. You should see a dermatologist or a hair loss specialist before proceeding to any treatment. Early diagnosis increases the chance of stopping hair loss. That said, we will now give you some tips on how to cover your balding spots. This way, you can keep your confidence even while still undergoing treatment.

Find a Good Hairstylist

Hair loss combined with a lousy hairstyle can make your balding spots even more apparent. Consider finding a good hairstylist. Experienced hairstylists can give you the right haircut and allow your hair to look more voluminous. It may seem counterintuitive, but you can also try a shorter hairstyle. Shorter hair can sometimes provide a denser look. Or you can even completely shave your head. Bald heads can be stylish too. 

Try Growing Facial Hair

Facial hair can be a useful tool for men in these cases. It can take attention away from your hair. But be sure to keep it well-groomed. An unkempt beard will probably be unsuitable for your workplace.

Cover Your Head with Accessories

You can wear hats, bandannas, scarfs, or turbans to cover your balding spots. Find what accessory is most suitable for you and stick to it. You can look fashionable while covering your baldness.

Use a Hairpiece

There are various high-quality hairpieces made out of real human hair. Find one that matches your hair colour. These can look like your real hair. Be sure to maintain them regularly, however. Keep your hairpiece clean and have a hairstylist check it every once in a while.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a process similar to getting tattoos. A specialist colours your balding spot, which gives it the illusion of a denser look. However, make sure to get an experienced specialist. If not done right, scalp micropigmentation can result in unnatural appearances.

Use Microfibres

You can use coloured microfibre products to cover your balding spots. These products often come in spray form. Once you apply them to your hair, they tend to remain until you wash your hair again. 

Hair Transplant: The Best Way to Cover Your Bald Spots

If you are tired of these temporary methods and want a permanent solution for your baldness, try getting a hair transplant. With this method, you can get a full, dense set of hair that will never again fall out ever. If you feel this is the best option for you, feel free to contact us. We can inform you more if you want to know more about hair transplants. We can also provide you with customized prices after your consultation.

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