How to Cure Baldness? Why am I losing my hair? This is a very common question we face nowadays. The answer may differ from person to person. But statistics say most men report this kind of problem around their late twenties.

 Whatever the answer may be, though, it is often in our best interest to take a proactive approach. Ideally, we want to talk to a professional as soon as we can.

Identifying the Cause of Baldness

First off, we need to find out what is causing our hair-loss. People can go bald due to various reasons. In some cases, it is temporary. 

Stress, for example, can cause our hair to fall off and we can have bald areas on our head; or we might be going through substantial hormonal changes in which also cause us to lose patches of hair and leave us with bald parts. The good news about these types of hair loss is that they are temporary. But the most common reason for baldness is genetics, which permanent. 

Hereditary Baldness

Hereditary-pattern baldness is very common. It usually starts with thinning of the hair in certain areas depending on the person, then progresses into baldness. It is more common in men and comes gradually with ageing. 

If some of our family members exhibit a certain baldness pattern, it may be an indication that us too, in time, are likely to develop that same pattern. Through natural remedies and good care, we might be able to slow it down, but unfortunately, we can not prevent it fully.

The solution of Baldness

There are gels and creams to stop balding temporarily, but some of them are known to have nasty side effects. The solution to hereditary baldness is getting a hair transplant. This means taking tiny plugs of skin with a few hairs on them from the backside of the scalp and placing them on the bald area. This allows hair to grow in the bald areas. Performed by our expert surgeons, this operation is sure to give you back your dazzling hairline. We offer this procedure as a direct, safe solution. 

Reducing the Hair-Loss

There are some things we can do and good habits that we can incorporate into our lives that would help us slow down hair loss. These include:

  • Reducing stress. When we are stressed, we tend to lose more hair than necessary. Yes, sometimes stress is an inevitable byproduct of our jobs, or lives even; but we can try to relax and at least minimise the level of stress.
  • Limiting the use of tools such as hot curling irons, hot combs etc. These heat up and weaken our hair, so if we can keep their uses to a minimum, we can reduce the amount of hair that falls off.
  • Eating healthy. A good diet can do wonders for us; not only does it nurture and strengthen our hair, but it is good for our entire body. 
  • Laying off cigarettes. Smoking can worsen hair loss, as some studies show.
  • Considering different hair care products. We can try different shampoos or hair conditioners. Some of these products contain some chemicals which are not particularly good for our hair; we can switch to a softer shampoo, or to one that is designed to reduce hair loss, and see how it goes.

 These simple things go hand-in-hand with hair transplant in restoring our scalp to its healthy state.

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