How to Define a Good Hair Loss Diet

How to Define a Good Hair Loss Diet, Hair loss is a common problem regardless of gender. Apart from drug use, diseases, and genetic conditions, lack of nutrition may also cause hair loss. You can reduce the amount of hair loss with regular consumption of foods containing the nutrients needed by the hair. 

How to Define a Good Hair Loss Diet

Here you can find essential nutrients that need a place on your tables for stronger and robust hair.

  • Egg. Egg, which is one of the best quality protein sources, is also the best source of biotin. Therefore, it is one of the biggest supporters of hair health. It is also a rich source of keratin, which forms the substructure of hair.
  • Almond. As it is rich in vitamin E, biotin, and healthy fatty acids, it helps to remove dryness that causes unhealthy hair.
  • Avocado. The cells at the root of the hair are very active and always need high energy. In particular, hair that lacks vitamin B5 experiences loss very quickly. Avocado is rich in vitamin B5 and strengthens the hair.
  • Pumpkin seeds. They have magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium, which provide healthy hair growth.
  • Olive oil. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E that the scalp needs for hydration. Besides, it prevents hair loss by strengthening the hair.
  • Oats: Oats contain potassium, magnesium, biotin, and strengthen the hair to prevent breakage. Add oatmeal to your breakfast or snacks during the day to have robust hair structure.
  • Red meat: Insufficient intake of protein causes the hair to become lifeless. High-quality protein sources, such as lean red meat, ensure that the hair grows healthy and prevents hair loss.

Please consult a professional facility like ours to find the reason behind your hair loss.

It is in your hands to reduce hair loss by eating healthily with a balanced diet. 

What Should You Eat for Specific Purposes?

There are specific foods you should eat for healthy and robust hair. Below you can find specific purposes and the foods that you should eat to achieve them.

For Silky Appearance

Oysters, crab meat, lean meats, tofu, and legumes have plenty of iron and zinc; these substances increase the softness of the hair.

To Prevent Damaged Ends

Broccoli, red pepper, brussels sprouts, kiwi, and orange are foods very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is perfect against breaking hair strands.

Red pepper, which is rich in antioxidant compounds and vitamin C, improves hair health and provides faster hair growth.

Carrot, with maximum vitamin A content, makes hair look livelier and stronger.

For Strong Hair

Full-fat yoghurt and peanut butter make your hair stronger and more elastic with high protein content.

For Healthy Scalp

Oily fish such as salmon or trout, walnuts, and flax seeds contain omega-3. It nourishes the scalp and prevents drying and dandruff.

Coconut—vegetable oils, vitamin E and K, and minerals found in coconut water and oil are the high nutritional values that the hair needs. Coconut makes hair healthy, moisturized, and shiny. It can be consumed or used as a hair product.

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