How to Fix Common Hair and Scalp Problems

How to Fix Common Hair and Scalp Problems, For a lot of people, healthy hair is a sign of beauty, youth, and even wellbeing. Which is why it can be difficult for many to lose hair or have irritated scalp. What people should realise is that there are actually ways to fix common hair and scalp problems.

Dull and Brittle Hair

Your hair follicles need certain vitamins, minerals, and dietary protein to produce healthy hair. After eating food, your bloodstream delivers some of the nutrients from the digestive tract to the follicles.  As a result, pure nutrition is often blamed for hair that appears dull and breaks easily. Follow a balanced diet to prevent having dull and brittle hair. Choosing foods that are rich in B vitamins and proteins is especially helpful for people who want to fix these common hair and scalp problems.

Scalp Irritation

Next on our list of common hair and scalp problems, we have scalp irritation. A number of factors may irritate your scalp. These include dandruff, skin infections, and hair-styling techniques and procedures. Remember to take action against scalp irritation as soon as you notice it. It may lead to further hair damage if you don’t take care of it right away.

Dandruff is a skin condition that involves flaking and mild itchiness. Large, white flakes may appear on your scalp. Use a medicated shampoo to treat dandruff, which doesn’t require a prescription easily. Skin infections, on the other hand, can vary in symptoms. Some common ones include redness and patchy scales. It can be challenging for you to find out the specific cause of the infection. For this reason, it’s best to consult with a doctor. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics or antifungal medicine to treat this common scalp problem. Lastly, your hairstyle may also be the cause of your scalp irritation. Tight hairstyles and extensions put too much pressure on the hair follicles. Choose looser hairstyles so you can prevent more damage.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is another one of the most common hair and scalp problems. However, it is a complex condition. There are many factors that contribute to hair loss. For a lot of people, it may be a genetic condition that they inherited from their parents. Thinning hair may also come as a result of lifestyle and health issues. Large amounts of your hair fall out because of stress, illness, poor diet, shock, or a traumatic event. Thinning hair is, however, temporary and hair usually grows back.

There are a few things that you can do to help fix the problem of thinning hair. First, you may use medicine. There are only two recognised medical treatments for thinning hair: Propecia and Minoxidil.

In addition, there is the option of getting a hair transplant. These surgical procedures are now cheaper and more available than ever before. Just make sure that you choose a good hair transplant centre that offers safe and reliable services. After you choose to avail of our services at esteGrande, you can rest assured of the best quality hair transplant.

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