How to Get Rid of Split Ends?

How to Get Rid of Split Ends? Split ends are the soothsayers that foretell the future bane of your precious hair, warning you that you better do something about it soon. If you don’t, some more of your hair might share the dreaded fate and ugly look that your split end currently features. Help it as soon as you can. 

Dealing with split ends is easy given that you do so on time, however, not dealing with them at all would be the best-case scenario. There so many things that you can do to prevent split ends from happening in the first place. 

Unfortunately, many of them involve dropping or trying a slightly different approach to many of your hair care habits. Some might seem outrageous to people that are not intimate in how hair actually works, but trust us, they are necessary. Read on to know how to get rid of split ends.

Steps on How to Get Rid of Split Ends

As mentioned before, actually getting rid of split ends involves a major overhaul on how the treatments you usually apply to your hair. Also, some minor lifestyle changes enter into the mix. Here are the steps on how to get rid of split ends.

Avoid the Heat

See, heating our hair results in our hair getting dry, and dry hair the very bane of hair existence because it precedes the breaking of it. Dry hair is simply multiple times easier to break that adequately moisturized hair. 

In fact, the reason why split ends happen to begin with. It is simply that the ends of your hair got very dry and broke by splitting in two. Split ends are particularly bad if left unattended too. Because it either breaks at the split end or continues splitting up the hair strand, breaking closer to the root.

So, in short, you got to avoid the heat. The problem is that heat is everywhere when it comes to styling the hair. From hair straighteners to hairdryers, and even hair dyes and hair bleaching, they all either heat the hair or dry it using chemicals. Thus, it is necessary to drop or limit those habits.

If you absolutely must use a hair straightener, do so using the low to mild heat setting only. Rather than blow-drying, let your hair dry on its own with the air. Regarding dyes and bleach, use only semi-permanent hair dye which is less aggressive and choose a colour closer to yours. Bleaching is out of the question since it truly dries the hair extensively to achieve its purpose.

Shampoo Less

Every time you shampoo your hair, you are drying your hair. To get the filth out of it, it cleanses the hair of everything, including the natural oils of it. Thus, leaving it dry and prone to breaking. You still have to shampoo your hair, mind you, just do it less frequently.

Apply shampoo two times a week at most. Search for ammonia-less shampoos or consider trying natural shampoos instead. Also, you must moisturize.

Moisturize It

If dry hair breaks, then properly moist hair won’t. So, you go to give your hair some moisture. Either hair mask products or applying essential oils do the trick. Get it on, wait for 20 minutes and then rinse it out. 

Your hair will be shiny and full of life afterwards. But don’t exaggerate, excessive moisture weights the hair down which makes it likely to break too. Apply moisture only two times a week after shampooing.

Trim Them!

Finally, if you see split ends, it’s time to get a trim. That’s it, that’s how to get rid of split ends once they show up. You can trim them yourself or let your trusted professional trim them for you. All to have your hair looking stunning and free of the odious and obnoxious split ends.

Dyeing Your Transplanted Hair

Some people simply cannot wait to dye their hair, even after undergoing a hair transplant. It’s understandable. After all, what is to some a fun