How to Get the Best-Quality Hair Transplant

How to Get the Best-Quality Hair Transplant, Whether you have severe hair loss or not, there is now a way to solve the problem without using traditional methods such as wigs. Although it may take a year to see the result, the hair transplant can achieve the most natural results that you can imagine. Certain factors affect the success of the operations.

How to Get the Best-Quality Hair Transplant

The natural appearance of the hair transplant results from the correct planning and implementation of the procedures. In a hair transplant, some factors are significant to get the best quality hair transplant. These are the following:

  •  Natural exit direction of the hair
  •  Front hairline
  •  The density of the new hair

In the hair transplantation process, healthy hair follicles taken from the back of the neck are transplanted into the hairless area on the scalp. With the FUE and DHI techniques, which are common today, it is easy to shape the direction of hair growth, front hairline, and hair density.

The type of hair also plays an active role in successful results. Hair transplantation on curly hair gives much more successful outcomes than straight hair. It is also vital to determine how the hair will surround the face. Therefore, preoperative analysis is crucial to obtain harmony between the hair and face shape.

Front Hairline

The hairline is the line of hair around the face. In the natural hair structure, the hair creates a personalized line around the face, just like a map. The hair does not grow intensely from the forehead. If the hair starts to grow intensely on the forehead, it will look like a brush. If the forehead is too wide or narrow, it also causes an unnatural appearance. Criteria such as age and general facial structure are critical in designing the front hairline.

The front line is a significant area, especially for women. On the other hand, men have the same problem. However, as they have widespread hair loss on the crown area, front hairline regression does not attract attention.  

The front line generally begins to regress with age. In other words, it is one of the first symptoms that appear as hair strands start to shed. The general process of hair transplant is generally planned according to the front hairline. Therefore, it is highly crucial for best hair transplant results.

Thanks to the hair transplant process, we can quickly restore the front hairline immediately with FUE and DHI methods. These methods can create the desired frequency and thickness, which are the most critical factors for a successful hair transplant. Forty hair grafts per square centimetre are enough to obtain a moderate rate on top of the scalp.

In short, for the hair to look natural, the hair design and transplant process should be planned in detail. For this, a capable surgeon and an experienced team are necessary. At esteGrande, we work with the best surgeons to achieve best hair transplant results. You can contact us to learn about these procedures in detail.

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