How to Get Through Beard Transplant Postoperative Itching

How to Get Through Beard Transplant Postoperative Itching, If you’ve ever undergone beard transplant, you’re most likely to experience the common postoperative itch. Itching is the most common symptom after any hair or facial hair transplant.

Going through this procedure completely changes your life, boosts your self-image, and gives you even greater confidence. But there’s just this little challenge you have to endure on your way to full recovery: itching. This is only temporary, and it is very easy to treat.

What Causes Postoperative Itching?

Itching can be caused by several factors. The most common cause is simply the healing process. As it begins to heal, the beard will scab over. This then leaves you with an itchy, tingly feeling in that area. Other, less common reasons you may experience itching include the following:

  • Dryness, especially from shampooing
  • Allergic reaction to topical ointments
  • Infection
  • Preexisting skin condition

The itching occurs due to the skin in the transplanted area, repairing itself following hair implantation and extraction. As part of this healing process, the skin releases chemicals, such as histamines, that cause itching.

How Long Does It Last?

Itching following beard transplantation tends to last one week but can, in some rare cases, last up to four weeks. It can be particularly worse in the four to five days after beard transplantation when you are unable to wash the skin where the transplant took place. In fact, there is already a big improvement after you wash it for the first time.

It is also very rare that post-op patients report itching that is severe or painful. That first week of mild itching or discomfort will be followed by years of enjoying the fuller and lusher beard that you’ve always wanted.

Treatment for Itching after Beard Transplant Surgery

Itching is uncomfortable, especially during nighttime. There are few treatments and tips which you can use at different times during your recovery following beard transplantation.

Do Not Scratch the Itch

It’s so tempting to scratch your face after a beard transplant, but it is important to avoid this entirely. If you scratch your hair implanted hairs, you risk introducing a skin infection or hair follicle infection called folliculitis. In some cases, it gets worse when you pull out transplanted hairs entirely.

Saltwater Spray

According to research, saltwater spray not only helps nourish the hair but also washes away debris and dry skin which may cause the itchiness. Spray your skin to help soothe the transplanted area. Make sure that the water comes out in a spread outburst rather than a single jet as this can damage hairs.

Take an Antihistamine

Histamines are chemicals released when the skin undergoes the healing process. This chemical causes itchiness. By taking an antihistamine, you reduce the histamines that are released in your skin, and therefore you feel less itchy after having a beard transplant. There are many antihistamines you can buy over the counter at any local pharmacy.

Medicated Shampoo

You can use a medicated shampoo which soothes itchiness. Some forms of this shampoo are available by prescription only. You need to consult your surgeon if this is something you think you might need.

If you’re unable to grow a full beard on your own or are experiencing patchy or thinning spots in your beard, you can opt for a beard transplant. You may consult the expertise of a reliable hair transplant service company like esteGrande. We have treatments and solutions to your hair problems. What’s more, here at esteGrande, we only use the most modern methods, assuring you that our procedures are performed under the safest conditions.

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