How To Grow Facial Hair, Facial hair for a man is a sign of maturity and a symbol of masculinity and vigorous vitality as well. Women love it, and men respect it; bearded men have historically been some of the most attractive in most cultures. Hence, why there can be quite a bit of an obsession to grow facial hair to its fullest.

Many treatments have come and gone throughout the years across many cultures to stimulate the growth of facial hair. The best survived to this day when it has finally afforded the chance to understand why they work if they indeed do. With that in mind here’s how to grow facial hair in a number of different ways. Try and see which works best for you.

How To Grow Facial Hair By Doing This

Following are the steps on how to grow facial hair, incorporate them into your day today to see your face promptly swarming with hair.


You need testosterone to grow facial hair. Exercising will help your body to produce testosterone. Either hit the gym or the field but get those muscles moving.

Also, don’t go overboard and be sure you are sleeping 8 hours a day after vigorous physical activity. Otherwise, it might have the opposite effect and lower your testosterone levels.

Eat Well

Since your blood supplies nutrients to the hair follicles, you might as well eat the most nutritious meals to get most of the nutrients. Beef, fish, and oysters are some of them. In addition, try Brazilian nuts, coconut oil, eggs, orange juice, coffee (yes, really), and raisins.

Vitamin Supplements

Supplementing on vitamin B complex is very beneficial for all hair, including facial hair. Seek for supplements that include vitamin B6, B7, and B12.


Also known by the name ’Rogaine’. It is a topical solution first used to treat high blood pressure, that was until its hair growing effect became apparent. It comes in either liquid or foam presentation of either 2% or 5% concentration. 

It improves blood flow to the applied area of the skin, which stimulates hair follicles to grow. It takes six to twelve months of continuous use, applying it two times a day to see results.

The Genetic Feasibility of Growing Facial Hair

Before you get all of your hopes up, you need to know that the overall ability your body has to grow facial hair comes down to your genes. Your genetic makeup determines if you will actually be able to grow facial hair at all. 

The treatments will help only if you are genetically able to in the first place. If not, then no matter how hard you try to, it is unlikely that you can grow facial hair to its fullest. One easy way to see if you have the genes to do so is to take a look around your family simply.

If there are many members on either side of your family sporting beards or have sported one in the past, then there is a chance you will too. On the contrary, then it is unlikely that is gonna be the case.

The genetic mechanics of bear growth come down to the fact that some genes make you more susceptible to testosterone and its effect on facial hair. 

Some men are so sensitive to even small quantities of testosterone that they will grow a beard without necessarily having high levels of it. And some others will not grow a full one no matter how high their testosterone levels are. Such is life.

Beard Transplant, the Best Solution You Have

In case you want to have a fully growing beard with a strong masculine look, the best option is having a beard transplant. In contrast to other methods, like drugs, beard transplant provides you with the look you always admired.

For more information about the techniques and prices about beard transplants, please get in touch with us.

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