How to Grow Long Healthy Hair? During the day, our hair faces many environmental factors. Cigarette smoke, dirty weather conditions, and the daily stress of living in the metropolitan area all affect our face as well as our hair. On the other hand, improper practices may damage our hair as well. Considering all these factors together, it is natural that our hair begins to appear lifeless. There are some suggestions that you can follow to keep your hair healthy.

How to Grow Long Healthy Hair?

  1. Protect your hair against weather conditions.

We know that the sun dries the hair follicles, but wind and rain also cause our hair to become dehydrated, and so the hair starts to electrify quickly.

  1. Treat your scalp well.

In addition to cleaning your hair, use shampoos that care about your scalp as well. For example, shampoos with avocado and coconut oil can be highly nourishing. Therefore, they strengthen the scalp. Besides that, during shampooing massage your scalp for a few minutes by rubbing your head gently. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes a healthy scalp. Apart from shampoo, you can also use special care serums for hair.

  1. Pay attention to the water temperature.

Extremely hot water damages both the hair follicles and the hair strands when taking a shower. Do not forget that washing your hair with warm water by massaging prevents hair breaks and fractures.

  1. Take vitamin supplementation.

You can get biotin support to strengthen your hair and provide fast growth. Biotin stimulates cells that cause hair growth. Your hair thickens and rumbles. However, it is better to ask your dermatologist before taking this vitamin.

  1. Do not wash your hair every day.

Washing your hair and using shampoo every day will damage your hair follicles. In order for your hair to be healthy, the hair follicles need the natural secretion of the body. Therefore, the habit of frequent washing leads to thinning of the hair. For healthy hair, it is enough to wash your hair three days a week.

Right Products and Stylers for Healthy Hair

When choosing your shampoo, do not ignore that you have to select the product that suits your needs. The way to healthy hair is also through products with healthy ingredients. Avoid shampoos than contain substances such as ammonium lauryl sulphate, sodium sulphate, and paraben, which will cause your hair to dry and wear out over time.

Dry shampoo cleans the hair without wiping away the beneficial oils on the base of the hair. Moreover, long hair is dense and hangs down. You can add volume by massaging your hair roots with dry shampoo.

After the shower, the towel that we use to dry our hair makes it break and become electrified. Remember that wet hair is always more delicate. You can use thin organic cotton hair towels instead of thick towels.

Blow-dryers and hair stylers that we use to shape our hair can cause breakage and burns because they subject our hair to high temperatures. When using a blow-dryer, dissipate heat from a long distance. When using hair stylers, always use care serum or oils to protect your hair beforehand. esteGrande Instagram.

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