The cornerstone of good facial hair might have been up for debate from likely centuries now, is the beard or the moustache the most important part of it? We dare not to take sides on this one and leave it to the reader to decide for themselves. What we will do here, however, is tell you how to grow a moustache.

Why? Because a moustache is an amazingly important part of masculine identity. Granted, beards might be the ‘in’ things right now, but how many of the greatest beards you’ve seen are without a moustache connecting both sides?

Even by itself, the moustache manages to give just the right kind of rugged individualism any man actually aspires to have. That is if you manage to pull it correctly. To have a great moustache, you must know how to grow a moustache, and that is exactly what we are going to teach you about.

Ways to Grow Moustache

Too many to count products promise to men everywhere to deliver them the blessing that facial hair is finally. Most of them do little, most of the time, nothing at all for their facial hair situation. We are not going to let you down like that. These ways of how to grow moustache actually deliver.

First Grow A Beard

This is more of an aesthetic choice but a very recommended one. Moustaches tend to look incredibly awkward when first growing, especially if it’s coming out thin. So, better disseminate that goofy looking thing with a good beard, that way, those five little awkward hair will stand out less.

Let It Grow

When it’s starting to come out, just let it be. Only trim if they happen to grow too much past your lips and use either an electric razor or some small scissors for the job. Once you have given it enough time, it will come out full on its own, just trust it.

Brush It

As it is growing, the moustache demands some tender affection too, which you can give to it by brushing or combing it regularly. Just wait until your stubble is a little thick and covers the whole upper lip, then get the brush and brush following its growth direction.


Commonly known as ‘Rogaine’, is an FDA-approved topical solution that can stimulate hair growth. It comes in both liquid or spray foam presentation, both of them equally effective. Minoxidil also comes in either 2% or 5% concentrations, with 2% being the one most recommended to women.

It works by improving blood flow to the area were applied to, the blood flow then greatly stimulates the hair follicles located there. To have it help you grow moustache simply apply it to the skin area over your upper lip and under your nose. The results will start showing after six months of applying it two times a day.

However, before trying such medicine, you must consult an expert first. Please, be careful about consulting the best one you can find around.

The Genetic Feasibility of Growing Moustache

The ability of every man to grow a beard comes down to their genetic makeup. Thus, meaning that you are either born with the ability or not. The treatments help up until a point, but if your system just wasn’t built with the feature, there is little you can.

One fortunate thing is that moustaches appear to be a little easier to grow than a full beard. If you are happy just wearing your moustache, then you might actually make it without much additional facial hair. Just remember, you got to be patient.

Your Hair and the Cold Weather

Your Hair and the Cold Weather, The fact is that the heat of the sun can have a tremendously negative effect on your hair. Due to this, you would think