How to Grow Your Hair without Chemicals?

How to Grow Your Hair without Chemicals? Hair loss is known as one of the situations that almost everyone experiences. Contrary to popular belief, nearly 100 hair loss per day is a normal condition. With this situation, you can relax, considering that the loss of hair is not a serious condition.

How to Grow Your Hair without Chemicals?

There can be many reasons for hair loss. Genetic conditions are at the top of the list. The others are;

  • psychological states and emotional stress
  • exposure to high fever
  • hormonal change
  • diet
  • birth control pills
  • thyroid diseases
  • physical factors.

Although you may experience hair loss due to various reasons, it is possible to treat it with the right methods. You can regain your healthy hair using these methods. Hair transplant is the best option among them.

Hair Transplant for Hair Loss

It is an effective and permanent solution for hair loss. As the hair follicles are taken from the patient’s own nape, it is a perfectly natural surgical intervention. Furthermore, the follicles in the back of the neck prone to male type hair loss. Therefore, hair transplant is a permanent option for hair loss treatment. In esteGrande, we perform the latest methods to achieve satisfactory results.

Other Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

Below; You can find many methods for hair loss, from vegetable oils that can be a home remedy to tea benefits. In addition to herbal solutions for hair loss, we would like to state that we aim at a conscious society by mentioning what other treatments which are suitable for them.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, which is very useful in balancing the pH level in the scalp with these features, can also speed up the growth of the hair. Make sure you wash your hair before applying aloe vera. Then, apply it to your scalp by massaging and after waiting for 15-20 minutes, it will be enough to rinse with cold water. You can easily apply this procedure three times a week after showering.

Coconut milk

Coconut Milk, which is very rich in Vitamin E, can also accelerate the growth of hair by moisturizing the scalp thanks to the potassium it contains. It also contains highly effective properties that are good for strengthening roots. You can also apply oil rather than coconut milk to enhance your hair.

After applying coconut milk, which you can apply several times a week, you can rinse it with cold water after waiting for about 20 minutes.

Yoghurt and Honey

Rich in Vitamin B5, which is beneficial for hair loss, yoghurt also contains highly effective proteins for the development of hair. Honey contains antibacterial properties that are very effective in the healing of damaged hair, and it is especially useful for dandruff.

Green Tea

Green tea is also perfect for hair follicles and hair production. It is a very beneficial herbal solution for hair by accelerating the slow growth. To prevent hair loss, you can brew two green tea bags in approximately 2-3 glasses of hot water and apply the solution to your scalp.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends?

How to Get Rid of Split Ends? Split ends are the soothsayers that foretell the future bane of your precious hair, warning you that you better do something about it soon.

Dyeing Your Transplanted Hair

Some people simply cannot wait to dye their hair, even after undergoing a hair transplant. It’s understandable. After all, what is to some a fun