Although you think it’s only for movie stars, there are many different ways to get healthy and robust hair that you see on the catwalk and the magazines. You can find some tips below to keep your hair healthy.

  1. Cut damaged ends. Start by cutting these parts a bit (up to one finger). Eliminating these ugly split ends will make your hair look healthier. There’s nothing uglier than broken ends.
  2. Comb your hair every day. Buy a brush with soft bristles, and try to comb your hair when it is wet to prevent hair breakage.
  3. Know your hair type. Once you know your hair, you will be able to choose the right beauty products. A comprehensive assessment consists of three parts:
  • Density
  • Texture 
  • Durability 
  1. Rinse with cold water. When you wash your hair, the final rinse should always be with cold water to cover the pores. As a result, you will see that your hair becomes fuller and silkier. This technique also allows your hair to grow faster.
  2. Do not overuse hair dryers. Even if you already have beautiful, smooth hair, try to reduce the frequency of drying and to curl your hair for weeks. Exposure to heat due to these tools dries your hair, making it dull and lifeless.

Although you may do everything above, your hair may still look lifeless because of your diet.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy with Diet

The ways to healthy hair are done not only within the bathroom of the house but also in the kitchen. You should have a special nutrition program for hair. You can have natural, durable, and well-groomed hair by strengthening it with the healthy foods you can consume. Here are some nutrients that will help you in maintaining and improving your hair’s health.

  • Salmon. It is one of the best-quality omega-3 sources, which supports not only the heart but also hair health. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the elasticity and softness of the scalp. In addition, high levels of protein, iron, vitamin D, and B12 in salmon increase hair strength and prevent fracture.
  • Egg. It is a good source of protein and contains four essential vitamins: zinc, selenium, iron, and sulfur. Especially iron helps cells that carry oxygen to the hair follicles.
  • Almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, and walnuts. These are useful for all hair types. They make hair shiny, healthy, and play an important role in maintaining the health of the scalp. They are also rich in vitamin E, helping prevent hair breakage and promote hair growth.
  • Yoghurt. The proteins in yoghurt are beneficial for hair health. Yoghurt also contains vitamin B5 and vitamin D. Besides, choosing low-fat products instead of high-fat products will help you control your daily calorie intake.
  • Carrot. It contains vitamin A, which protects the scalp. The health of the scalp is vital in terms of hair growth and durability.

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