How to Prepare for Choi Pen Hair Transplant?

How to Prepare for Choi Pen Hair Transplant? Choi pen hair transplant (DHI) operations performed with special implanter pens require intense attention and effort of an experienced surgeon. One of the essential advantages of the DHI method is that it allows hair transplant without shaving. In the DHI hair transplant operation, the hair follicles do not stay outside the body for a long time. This minimises the possibility of hair follicle damage. It ensures that the follicles are healthier and more powerful.

The hairline design by DHI technique achieves the most natural and successful results. It is the newest hair transplantation technique that is closest to natural hair. Choi method provides patients with more frequent hair transplant and high speed of healing thanks to these special needles. Besides, the Choi pen method does not leave any trace on the donor area.

In this method, hair follicles in the donor area are loosened with the help of a unique device, and the roots are collected one by one. Then, the surgeons determine the most suitable angle for the transplantation of hair follicles. The hair follicles collected are placed one by one with the implanter pen.

After the DHI hair transplant, the scalp goes through a rapid healing process.

Choi Pen Hair Transplant Advantages

The main advantage of this technique is the density. It offers natural growth angle of the hair and more successful results with a natural appearance, especially in narrow areas.

  • Thanks to the fine-tipped structure of the implanter pen, more frequent transplantations are possible.
  • As the waiting period of the follicles decreases, the loss of graft also decreases as well.
  • With Choi pens, obtaining the right angle and direction becomes easier.

Since it is a very sensitive technique, only a highly specialised and highly successful team should take part in the hair transplantation.

Before Choi Pen Hair Transplant

Before and after a hair transplant, there are points that you should pay attention to. Care and diligence are directly proportionate to achieving the most natural results after a trouble-free operation.

  • If you’re using eye lenses, you should remove them before the operation.
  • You should wear an outfit that will not rub against your head and easy to take off.
  • Smoking should be reduced 24 hours before hair transplant. It will prolong your healing process and increase the risk of infection.
  • Discontinue taking aspirin and other painkillers two weeks before the operation.
  • Don’t drink alcohol one week before the transplant.
  • You can use antibiotics to control infection.
  • You should wash your hair the night before the operation.

Today, in light of scientific and technological developments, hair transplants can now be done more safely with Choi tips. In specialised clinics, effective, predictable, and most importantly, natural-looking results can be achieved with Choi pen method. At esteGrande, we provide our patients with great services with the latest techniques, including Choi pen hair transplant. Get in touch with us for your questions about the procedure.

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