How to Prepare for FUE, You have made the decision to undergo an FUE operation to address your hair loss issue now. “Alright, what now?” you may ask. To aid you, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the operation. 

Two Months Beforehand

So the first advice we have for you is to avoid haircuts for at least two months before the procedure. This will help our doctor see how your natural hair grows. And it is better that we shave your hair before the operation anyway. This will ensure that your hair has an appropriate length for the procedures we need to do.

Two to Four Weeks Beforehand

We advise you to regularly do some scalp exercises two to four weeks before the operation. This will relax the tissue around your scalp. A relaxed scalp means our specialists can do their work more easily. 

Five to Ten Days Beforehand

If you have any medical conditions, we should know, or if you take any medication currently, this is a good time to inform us. For example, taking a blood diluent like aspirin may lead to reduced blood clot formation and raise the likelihood of bleeding.

Three Days Beforehand

We require patients to stop smoking at least three days before the operation. The reason for this lies in the effects of nicotine in blood vessels. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it narrows down your blood vessels and reduces blood circulation. This may affect the healing process after the operation drastically. 

On top of that, the same thing goes for alcohol. Alcohol has effects similar to aspirin. 

The Day of Your Operation

You will be better off with comfortable clothing that has a zipper or buttons in front. Thus, you can wear or remove this clothing after the operation without any fear of your clothing touching the grafts. Wearing clothing that needs to be removed overhead, especially if it has a tight neck fitting, may be detrimental. The recipient area is especially sensitive after the operation, and any contact or friction may cause some follicles to uproot.

Also, taking a bath before coming in for the operation may be a good idea because we will need you to keep your operation sites dry for a while after the operation.

While it is not an absolute necessity, having someone to accompany you may be a good idea as well. esteGrande Instagram

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