How to Prepare for Unshaven Hair Transplant?

How to Prepare for Unshaven Hair Transplant? For those who have permanent hair loss problem and do not want to shave their hair, unshaven hair transplant is the best option. There is no gender restriction in unshaven hair transplant operations. As long as there is enough healthy hair in the donor area, anyone can get a hair transplant.

People who have a significant decrease in hair strands prefer to transplant hair to treat hair loss. Hair transplant must be done in an operating room environment and by a specialist. In order not to encounter negative results, it is necessary to work with experts.

In the preoperative examination, an analysis of the characteristics of hair follicles is necessary. The hairline should also be determined before the operation according to the patient’s facial structure and degree of hair loss. This analysis includes the hair’s

  • structure,
  • colour,
  • straightness, and
  • condition.

In the preoperative examination, it is worth mentioning whether the person has any medical conditions such as blood pressure, heart, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. You should also share your medical records and medications with your hair transplant centre.

Before the Unshaven Hair Transplant

For the success of the process, preparation and motivation are as important as the procedure itself. Regardless of the technique and method of application, the patient should know in detail all the possibilities, including indications of complications. 

In the pre-op interview, thorough knowledge of all stages will reduce anxiety. People who will have hair transplant should pay attention to some issues before and after the operation.

  • Choose experienced doctors and accredited hair transplant centres.
  • You should take a bath before the operation as you cannot wash it for three days. 
  • Don’t spray your hair with synthetic hair stylers.
  • On the day of the operation, you should wear clothes that you can easily take off.
  • It is a scientific fact that regular smoking significantly increases the risk of complications that may occur during the operation. So stop smoking a week before the procedure.
  • Don’t use blood thinners that delay coagulation before hair transplant. Therefore, discontinue alcohol use at least a week before the procedure.
  • Strenuous exercises, such as cardio or bodybuilding, should be discontinued one week before the operation.
  • Multivitamin preparations containing vitamin B and vitamin E, or the consumption of herbal teas containing these vitamins, should also be discontinued.
  • If the operation is in the morning, you should have your breakfast, and at noon you should have a light lunch. It would be best if you were full during the operation.

Following all these recommendations, you can have a comfortable unshaven hair transplant procedure. You can leave the hair transplant centre after the operation, which lasts approximately six to nine hours. Here at esteGrande, we only use the latest techniques for a smooth operation. Get in touch with us for detailed information about the process.

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