How to Prevent Beard Hair Loss, Beards are an iconic symbol of masculinity across every single culture. Having one is a sign of strength and masculine vitality, which is why it is especially tragic to experience beard hair loss. 

Beard is hair at the end of the day, and just like any other hair, it can be subject to hair loss for a multitude of different reasons. There’s also much that you can do as proactive steps on how to prevent beard hair loss. Have a look at the options.

Reasons for Beard Hair Loss and How to Avoid Them

Here are the steps on how to prevent beard hair loss in case you are facing such an anxiety-inducing situation. If you think one of the situations described is the cause of your beard hair loss, proceed to exercise the advised precautions.

Aggressive Drying

Stepping right out of the shower, the first instinct would be to grab the bath towel and to rub the water away from your beard. That first instinct does the most damage.

Bath towels have thick fibres that get tangled even in the fine hairs of your beard and pull them as you use it. The result is plucking away your beard hairs. Better dry it gently using a microfibre towel or let it dry on its own with the air.

Aggressive Brushing

Beard hairs are rather delicate, so most hairbrushes meant for the hair on your scalp will do more harm than good. There are special beard hairbrushes and combs made for this purpose. Ensure you get a brush with soft strands and a close-toothed comb to use in your beard gently.

Using the Wrong Products

Beard hair might be hair, but it’s not exactly the same hair as the one on your head, so don’t apply the same shampoo you would use there. 

Neither head shampoo nor hand soap does any good to a beard. They are rather abrasive to beard hair and leave it very dry and, thus, prone to breaking. Multiple manufacturers offer special beard shampoo and scrub with which to cleanse it.

Cleaning Your Beard Too Frequently

In order to clean your beard of any filth, it must be completely cleansed of even the natural oils secreted from the hair follicle that protect it. The outcome is a dry beard, and the result from cleaning it frequently is a frequently dry bread ready for breaking.

Unless your beard gets very dirty daily due to the nature of your job or hobbies, limit cleaning it only to 2 times a week. Use the aforementioned beard shampoos and scrubs for it.

Weight Loss

Hitting the gym to become more attractive is a feature of the male experience. But when you do it, you might lose some hair, even in your beard. This is completely normal; your body is adjusting on several levels to the “shock” of your weight loss. The hair will be back to its former state on its own after six to eight months.

You’re Stressed

Suffering heavy stress for a prolonged period of time can trigger telogen effluvium. In this condition, your hair ceases to grow and enters the “resting phase.” It’s where the hair is just waiting for falling and replacing. Manage your stress effectively. Meditate or engage in a new, relaxing hobby if you have to.

Prevent Beard Hair Loss with a Hair Transplant

Just like it’s possible to restore the hair on top of your head after balding via an FUE hair transplant, it’s possible for beard hair. In case your beard experiences permanent balding, our surgeons can help you restore hair to it with a hair transplant.

They will extract hair follicles from the back of your scalp for grafting into your thinning beard, restoring it to thickness.

Our hair surgeons know where to place the grafts to attain a fuller bread pattern that fits your facial structure. Contact us now to have your full beard again.

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