How to Prevent Hair Ageing, The first problem that comes to mind when you think of hair is hair loss. One of the major factors causing this is hair ageing. When we talk about ageing, we usually talk about skin. As you age, spots and wrinkles appear. What we don’t hear is the ageing hair. Similar to the skin, the hair undergoes gradual changes.

Ageing is inevitable for hair as well as skin. The change in the hair over time is the most remarkable factor that indicates ageing. Hair changes colour over time due to this problem. This is the most visible change in hair.

In this process, genetic factors have an effect on the greying of the hair. There are other reasons for hair ageing besides genetic factors. Stress, unhealthy nutrition, and lack of sleep are also essential factors. Because of the lack of production of melanin, which gives hair colour after a certain age, white hair strands start to appear in the hair.

Most people may experience hair loss with ageing. In this process, hair growth slows down. After the age of fifty, hair strands become thinner in men and women, and hair loss occurs. First, the hair density decreases. Second, the hair grows thinner.

Preventing the Ageing of Hair

Each strand has its own life stage. In the natural ageing process, hair strands begin to lose their thickness and strength. They do not grow at the same pace and quality as before. However, there is no need to panic as it is possible to make anti-ageing care for deformed hair just like our skin. In this process to prevent hair ageing, you should:

  • eat a balanced and healthy diet,
  • avoid stress, and
  • pay attention to your sleep patterns, sleeping at least eight hours a day.

While you are feeding your hair from outside with care creams and masks, don’t forget to feed it from the inside. Be sure to consume foods containing zinc, vitamin B12, and folic acid for healthier hair.

The latest developments in cosmetics make it possible to have beautiful hair even at advanced ages of thinning. Treatments and applications that prevent ageing of the scalp protect hair roots and elasticity. Besides, massages and hair treatments reactivate blood circulation and cell energy and prevent collagen thickening.

Particular amino acids and provitamin B5 formulas have strengthening effects on hair. New technology in hair care is creatine. It can replace the hair’s own cell structure complex and has a protective effect on every strand.

The way to protect the hair, just like the skin, is going through some precautions. The sun and the sea have many benefits. However, in addition to these benefits, if the necessary precautions are not taken, it may bring some negativities.

Use hair-care creams and masks that have moisturizing and antioxidant properties. For this purpose, you can massage the hair and scalp with coconut oil. Coconut oil moisturizes hair with high antioxidant content. Since the oil content is ideal and easy to rinse, you can massage your scalp anytime according to your hair’s needs.

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