How to Prevent Moustache Hair Loss

Just like a beard, a thick moustache is an instant sign of masculinity. This is why any hair loss on the moustache is just as troubling. Moustache hair loss is often preceded by beard hair loss, but it can also happen on its own. Those cases are particularly troubling for men that like them connecting with their whole beard.

As with any case of hair loss, the causes of moustache hair loss are multiple. Nailing down which one is affecting you makes it easier to follow the specific steps on how to prevent moustache hair loss.

Steps to Take to Prevent Moustache Hair Loss

Moustache hair loss happens in a variety of ways; many of them steaming from things we normally do. Next time you find yourself in any of these situations, go about them as suggested.

Shave Carefully

The moustache area is rather sensitive, more sensitive than the whole beard it often connects with. So whenever you are looking to shave it, do so with utmost care. Help yourself by applying shaving cream to facilitate it if you are looking for a close shave.

A bad moustache shave leads to pus-filled pimples showing in the area and infections that can stem from those or the cuts themselves. The infections lead to swelling of the hair follicle, and severe swelling often leads to the hair falling. Around the shaving blade, handle yourself with care.

Keep It Short

When a moustache grows rather long vertically, they are often prone to tangle themselves with the hairs of your beard below or even with your mouth. Doing something as simple speaking or chewing can leave you with the unpleasant feeling of a recently ripped moustache hair on your lips. Keep the moustache hair short for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Dry It Gently

After the shower, do not use the bath towel to dry your moustache or your beard. Your run-of-the-mill bath towel has thick fibres that often tangle with the hair and pull them, facilitating breakage.

Get a microfibre towel and dab it gently when drying the moustache and beard. Alternatively, consider letting it dry on its own.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

As a matter of convenience, to clean the moustache hair, some people use either conventional soap or conventional shampoo. Both are terribly aggressive with it, leaving it very dry and easy to break. Special beard shampoos and scrubs work wonders with moustache hair as well as beard hair.

Style with Care

A moustache is the most versatile piece of facial hair you have. Arguably, there are more styling possibilities for moustaches than for beards, but you better be careful with it. 

Be it long or short, these hairs are rather frail on their own, so handle them with care. Brush them slowly with light strokes, pass combs using only the teeth’s ends, and remove wax and styling gel before bed. 

Looking good for the night is not worth pulling out a few of your precious moustache strands.

Prevent Moustache Hair Loss with a Hair Transplant

If you are losing or have already lost moustache hair for whatever reason and it’s not growing back, an FUE hair transplant can help you.

For this procedure, our surgeon will graft healthy hair follicles into your moustache area that will grow and repopulate it. These said follicles come from the base of the back of your scalp, and their extraction is done via surgical incisions.

Our surgeons put the utmost care and attention when grafting to your new moustache hairs. Following the proper shape and direction, they leave you with natural-looking results. Contact us to deliver you a robust, thick moustache once again.

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