How to Prevent Premature Balding

How to Prevent Premature Balding, Being bald is, or even the onset of it causes anxiety in every man. No one wants to have a bald head. Men, in such a fashion-oriented era as ours, worry about their looks. They are now as much conscious about looks as women. Usually, men at the age of twenty start to face hair fall. This is due to the unhealthy diet that we consume. The environmental effects are also playing their role in causing balding at an early age. These factors are vast enough to capture in this article. Here are a few precautions which can help you avoid premature balding.

Look for The Signs

Although it is not very convenient to notice the premature balding, you can try to be observant. The age in which it usually starts is not so worrying. However, one must try to observe the early signs. In this way, it will be convenient to prevent it. Hair loss is the first symptom of it. So, after the hair loss, some changes occur in your hairline. You must carefully observe your hairline daily.


There are many causes of baldness. However, we are listing some crucial causes below.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

One of the causes of hair loss is hormones. DHT is one of those hormones that cause hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone which renders the hair follicles thin. This hormone also reduces its length.

Blood flow

Blood flow and general health are very important in hair growth. Like any other part of the body, hair needs a feed. Blood is the most important food for the growth of hair. Hence, if the blood flow is not good enough. Then the hair becomes weak. This causes the hair to fall.

Platelets level

Platelets also drive the hair density. If the number of platelets lowers then the hair starts to fall. This is one of the many reasons for premature balding. This is a genetic disorder, and it is easy to treat now.


Even if a man is not worried about a bald scalp, he would like to know the ways to avoid it. These are some general health measures which one must observe in life. These precautions reassure human beings that there is some saviour. If the hair fall has already started, then you must be ready to apply these. But adopt these measures even if your scalp is holding your hair tight.

Don’t wait, take actions

As soon as you notice the symptoms of premature balding, don’t waste time overthinking. You must not lose a day before you start making a plan. You must devise a plan of how you will treat it. Many websites will provide you with information and cures. But in this age of accessible internet, not all that you see is trustworthy. Here, we are listing some authentic precautions. These are well tested and medically proven.


DHT is the main cause of hair loss. The use of Finasteride will automatically hinder the absorption of DHT. Hence, the hair will become stronger.


This helps in inducing the blood flow towards the scalp. You must apply this to the roots of your hair. The blood flow to the hair follicles increases by applying it. Thus, the hair gets stronger and thicker. esteGrande Instagram

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