How to Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant?

How to Remove Scabs After Hair Transplant? If you have gone through a hair transplant operation, you may begin to experience tiny scabs on your scalp. This is not something that you should be worried about. This is a simple result of the bloodstains drying and hardening on the area of the transplantation. And of course, it is nothing permanent. It is temporary and will only last for a short time period.

However, the appearance of these scabs is not something that you would desire to have. Especially if you do not want your social environment to notice that you have had a hair transplant. In that case, you can follow a couple of simple rules to get through this process healthily and quickly. 

What are The Scabs After a Hair Transplant?

Scabs after an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant are something that most people will experience. The FUE hair transplant operation involves minor cuts and incisions on your scalp. Due to the small diameter of these wounds, the operation does not even apply any stitches on the patient’s scalp. 

The hair transplant doctor opens millimetric channels to transplant the hair grafts into the are that the patient desires. After the surgery, there will be a minuscule amount of bleeding. And after two days, the bloodstains will start to dry off and get harder. This is how the scabs start to form on your scalp.

How to Deal With The Scabs After The FUE Hair Transplant Operation?

Your hair transplant clinic doctor is going to give you a list of instructions after you go through the operation. These instructions will help you get the most efficient results after the hair transplant operation. And you will also be aware of the things that may undermine the success of the procedure. 

Some of the first things you will experience after the hair transplant will be the scabs on your scalp and here is a couple of things you should do about them:

  • Wash your hair with baby shampoo

You can use soft baby shampoos to wash your hair 72 hours after the surgery. This process will soften the scabs and make it easier for them to fall off. But be careful and do not be too rough while touching the scabs. 

  • Do not scratch your scalp

The scabs may make you want to itch your head. But this is something that you have to avoid. If you itch your head hard in order to pick up the scabs, you may damage the transplanted hair grafts, especially if you do this soon after the operation.

  • Massage your hair underwater

This is another possibility for loosening up the scabs and make them go away faster. You can soak your hair in the bathtub and gently massage it. Using baby oil is also viable. One thing you need to be careful about is being gentle. You should not use your nails and go easy on your scalp. Remember that the hair grafts are still fresh, and the healing process is just starting. 

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