How to Repair Hair Damage?

How to Repair Hair Damage? Hair gets damaged, all right? It happens to many people, and it is not always avoidable. 

Excessive aesthetic treatments performed regularly in the hair can clearly wear it down. But did you know that prolonged exposure to sunlight and the hair shampoo that you likely use daily can have the same effect?

If you are a regular customer for hair dyeing, straightening, and styling it, you will likely know this. Make sure that you look into these tips on how to repair hair damage to set it right again.

Tips on How to Repair Hair Damage

If your luscious hair suddenly feels straw-like and brittle, has split ends, or looks dead stiff, it’s likely that it’s damaged. No need to panic, there are many things you can apply to nurse it back to its former state.

Limit the Harsh Treatments 

This is more of preventive care. Only sparingly use treatments such as bleaching, dyeing, straightening, blow-drying, or applying relaxers. If you must do them, at least leave a few days as intervals for your hair to rest. 

Condition It

Conditioner helps keep the hair moisturised, something your hair will very be grateful for. Do not apply too much of it since it will make it look greasy. Instead, spray a quarter-sized portion of conditioner in the palm of your hand, and apply it to the tips of your hair. From the tips, work your way up, gently rubbing it until reaching the roots. Leave it on for a little while, and then rinse it out with cold water.

Essential Oils

Almond, olive, or coconut oil—any one of them works great. Once a week, do a deep-conditioning treatment with any of these. Apply a tablespoon of oil near the roots of your hair and work your way down with it till the tips. After that, gather your hair, pile it up high on your head, grab a hair clip or pin to secure it there, and put the shower cap on. After forty-five minutes, you can remove it by shampooing.

Air-Dry It

Ditch the blow-dryer and let the air do the work. Appliances that use heat put much stress on the hair. Since yours is already damaged, you are only beating the corpse further. Stop it and get it used to the air instead.

Fewer Shampooings

Shampoo dries the hair also, not sure if you knew that, but it does. As with the heat, too much of this is a big no-no. Only apply shampoo no more than two times a week.

Handle with Care

Don’t be rough with your hair, especially when drying it after the shower. When shampooing, move it slowly with your fingers instead of rubbing it. When drying it, use only a microfibre towel since a bath towel’s fibre can get stuck and pull the hair. Also, only comb it when it’s completely dry.

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