How to Stop Eyebrow Loss?

How to Stop Eyebrow Loss? Eyebrows are one of the most effective ways to change your look. They determine the shape of your eyes and the face. Everyone wants to have eyebrows that look lush, voluminous and beautiful. Some people have naturally thin eyebrows. However, your eyebrows may get thinner, or they may fall out over time. This may indicate an underlying medical condition that may require treatment. You could be experiencing this for a number of reasons.

Why Are They Falling Out?

If you are suffering from eyebrow loss, it’s good to see a dermatologist to diagnose. A dermatologist is a doctor who deals with skin problems with both medical and surgical aspects. Addressing the cause of eyebrow hair loss can allow the person to regrow the hair in many cases.

There could be many reasons why your eyebrows are falling out. Infection, skin conditions, hormonal or an overactive immune system problem might be the reason. Also, lack of nutrients, physical trauma or stress can cause diminishing eyebrows.

Besides, the most common reason for eyebrow loss is unprofessional eyebrow plucking. If you over-pluck your eyebrows, they might stop growing. Another reason would be the makeup you are using. Eyebrow pencils harm the follicle if you press them too hard on your skin, or the reason could be as simple as an allergic reaction. Also, permanent makeup harms the hair follicles since they involve chemicals.

The Treatment of Eyebrow Loss

Once you have learned the cause, you can choose the most appropriate treatment. Acupuncture may work by stimulating circulation. Castor oil is a long time do-it-yourself treatment for hair growth. Apart from this, nutritional supplementation is also effective against hair loss. For cases caused by an illness, a prescription medication by the doctor would work.

 If you lost your eyebrows permanently, eyebrow transplant restoration is another option. It is similar to scalp hair replacement. The doctor removes a section of skin from a location with ample hair and transplants hair follicles to the sparse eyebrow area.

Some people choose to hide their eyebrow hair loss with permanent makeup, but as mentioned before, it might harm the follicles more.

How to Prevent Eyebrow Loss Before It Happens?

 It’s possible to prevent the eyebrow loss before it begins. You should get essential nutrients daily and reduce stress. Do not over-pluck your eyebrows or do not use harsh chemicals near them. If you want to dye your eyebrows, you can protect them by applying Vaseline.

Furthermore, coconut oil on your eyebrows will also work. Warm a small amount of coconut oil on your hands and simply massage on your eyebrows before you go to sleep. Just like coconut oil, you may also use tea tree oil to make your eyebrows thicker. Lavender oil might be another option. People usually use lavender oil to reduce stress, so it might work in both ways for you.

In addition, get good grooming habits such as removing unwanted hairs in dull lighting only. Working on bright lighting tends to lead over plucking. After two or three weeks, your good grooming habits will pay off.

However, the best option is having eyebrow transplantation. In case you want to learn more about eyebrow transplant, you can simply get in touch with us any time you wish.

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