How To Stop Male Pattern Baldness

How To Stop Male Pattern Baldness, Male pattern baldness can be a long and painstaking process. It takes several years to actually watch and experience diminishing or receding hairline and the entire shedding process. One of the best ways to stop male pattern baldness at its tracks is to start with early prevention.

How to Stop Male Pattern Baldness – Check The Signs!

It’s not always easy to detect hair loss in men as normal hair loss would usually look like male pattern baldness and vice versa. The earlier you are able to prevent hair loss, the more chances you have of saving your hair.

Receding Hairline

Your hairline would give you a clue on whether you have looming male pattern baldness. A receding hairline is an initial clue that will then turn into a V-shaped hairline. Hair thinning would usually start right at the temples. The best way to compare before and after pictures of your hairline condition is to take pictures and check on it a year or two after it was taken.

You can also let others observe the difference in your hairline. They would have a more comprehensive and unbiased perspective of your hairline. If there is a noticeable hair loss, then it’s wise to take immediate action to prevent the worsening of MPB symptoms.

Hair Thinning

Most men would usually experience diffuse thinning of hair which is more obvious at the scalp. Baldness at this point would not start from the hairline but from either the top or back. Since it would be challenging to take photos of the back of your head, then you can compare pictures every two months to see the difference. Use a mirror to get a snapshot of your back and check if there is any noticeable thinning of hair.

Hair Loss

People would usually lose around 100 hair strands daily. This is said to be normal. However, if you have had excessive hair loss every day for an extensive period of time, then it’s time to seek medical help. You might be a candidate for MPB, and getting expert advice would be the key to prevention.

How to Stop Male Pattern Baldness at Its Tracks

Blocking DHT, the hair loss hormone, is the most effective way to stop or even reverse male pattern baldness.

Reduce Stress

Stress is said to be the biggest culprit for hair loss. Yes, hair loss is deemed stress-related, and the only way to battle it out is to take a breather and relax. Step away from stressful situations so you can also prevent hair thinning or worsening of male pattern baldness.

Explore Your Options

There are homoeopathic treatments as well as medical remedies for male pattern baldness. Consulting a hair expert or physician would provide you with professional advice on dealing with hair loss at an early stage. Natural remedies may also be helpful at some point with thorough research.

However, using FDA-approved products such as minoxidil and finasteride would be the best way to reverse hair loss in men. Long-term use of these products is recommended to generate long-term results.

Try New Hair Care Products

There are certain shampoos or conditioners that can be very harmful to your hair and scalp, which can speed up hair thinning or leave your scalp scarred. The best way to combat hair loss is to try out new and gentle hair care products with active hair loss reversal ingredients such as pyrithione zinc and ketoconazole that can effectively stop or slow down hair loss.

While male pattern baldness can take a toll on your social and personal life, you can help stop it by taking advantage of FDA-approved hair treatments and also new and advanced hair care products in the market.

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