How to Style After Your Hair Transplant?

How to Style After Your Hair Transplant? Styling our hair is a form of expressing ourselves. Being able to style our hairs the way we want can boost our confidence. Thanks to the hair transplants, people who previously had balding issues can now style their hair however they desire. But doing any styling before your wounds heal will damage your hair beyond recovery. So, how long does the healing period lasts after hair transplant surgeries?

The Healing Period After Transplantation

Your donor and recipient areas will be very sensitive during the first 3 days after your operation. Due to this sensitivity, your new follicles can easily detach from your scalp if you damage them in any way. So, you have to be extra careful during these first few days.

Your transplants will be settled after the first week. You can be more relaxed after your first week but remember that your transplant will not have healed completely. You can use the products that the doctor recommends to ensure your health — safely using it guarantees better results.

Your transplants will have completely healed after the second week. New follicles will now have attached to your scalp. You can now start to style your hair the way you desire. But remember what we have said before, playing it safe will ensure better results. So, try not to go too hard on your transplants.

Styling Your Hair After Transplant

Before we go into how you can style your hair, we should first talk about the shampoos. Using regular shampoos can damage your follicles if they haven’t healed yet. Once you are sure that your scalp has healed, you can start using shampoos for your hair hygiene. But avoid cheap shampoos with a lot of harsh chemical content. You can start with baby shampoos. They are much safer compared to other ones.

Many people use hair dryers to style their hairs. But you should always avoid too much heat. Heat damages hair follicles whether you had a hair transplant or not.

You can also start to use hair styling products such as hair gels and hairsprays once your scalp has healed. But using these products too often and too much damages hair follicles. Beware of this fact while using them.

Many people, especially women, dye their hair as a manner of styling them. You can also dye your hair after transplantation.

Furthermore, you can get different haircuts once your new hair is long enough. This is more favourable because, unlike in other styling methods, you don’t cause any damage to your hair by having them cut.

All of these methods of hairstyling will irrecoverably damage your follicles if your scalp hasn’t completely healed. Wait for at least three weeks before styling your hair. Also, besides haircuts, all these methods do damage your hair in the long run. Try to adopt more natural ways to style your hair, such as combing or brushing.

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