Ice FUE: At a Glance, Today, Ice FUE is one of the most innovative solutions and guaranteed hair transplant techniques across the world.

Ice FUE: At a Glance

Both men and women want their hair to look great. Having full, thick hair boosts your confidence and completely changes the way you carry yourself. Most of all, it gives you even better self-image. However, it becomes devastating to think that you can wake up one morning and notice that your once thick and full hair has become much thinner.

If you’re one of those who experience hair loss, worry no more. There are so many ways to take back control of your life, such as innovative solutions to get that natural, full-looking hair back. Today, there are a number of different treatments that you may try. 

One such method is Ice FUE.

What Is Ice FUE Hair Transplant?

First of all, FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. It is a type of hair transplant surgery that involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor part of the body, usually the back of the head.

This primary treatment carried out before starting to implant the follicles is very important. This is done to protect the hair follicles and increase their vitality. This technique also is efficient in increasing the quality of the bulbs and tissues surrounding them. This then extends the life span of hair follicles outside the body.

Process of Ice FUE

During the process of Ice FUE, doctors put the hair grafts in a special solution used in many medical fields. Its function is to keep the grafts’ vitality when they are outside the body and protect them from any damage. Low temperature is important in this technique, and that is why we call it the Ice FUE method.

This ice grafts solution is at a very low temperature and contains strong antioxidants and vitamins. This makes it ideal for storing the hair bulbs and keeping their vitality.

Advantages of Ice FUE Hair Transplant

There are many advantages for a patient that undergoes an Ice FUE hair transplant. The following are some of these benefits:

  • One of the most important advantages of this technique is that it gives more comfort for the patient during the surgery. The physician won’t be in a rush to finish as the follicles are stored safely throughout the procedure. 
  • In the case of using ice grafts technique, the hair transplant will give better results. Because the special solution maintains the grafts’ vitality, the medical team won’t be in such a rush to finish. Without the fear of damaging the hair grafts, they can work with much more ease.
  • In addition to that, the success percentage will increase because of the bulbs’ safety and vitality while being kept out of the body. So this method will produce more new hair when transplanted to the target area.
  • Once the hair bulbs are inserted at the bald areas, they adapt to the body’s temperature and prepare to grow. Low temperature has an anti-inflammatory effect and has a positive impact on both the recovery and growth of the hair bulbs.

If you’re considering having an Ice FUE hair transplant, you may consult the expertise of a specialist hair transplant service company like esteGrande. At esteGrande, we offer high-quality treatments and solutions to your hair problems.

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