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ICE Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

There are a number of different treatments that your hair follicles may go through ahead of implantation into your scalp and one such method is Frozen. An ICE fue hair transplant Turkey is identical to a traditional FUE method in terms of harvesting and implanting the follicles, however, each ‘bulb’ will go through treatment with a solution in order to enhance the chances of a successful transplant.

The treatment will begin with the application of a local anesthetic to the scalp in order to eradicate any discomfort throughout the procedure. This will be focused on both the donor and recipient areas, ensuring that no pain is felt throughout. Once this takes effect, a round ‘punch’ tool is used in order to extract individual follicles from the scalp. This is usually done after the donor area has been shaved, though unshaven hair transplants are also possible in some cases.

After harvesting, the ICE graft hair transplant Turkey process begins. Each harvested follicle is set into the IceGraft solution, which is a mixture of a number of antioxidants and other vitamins designed to strengthen and revitalise hair follicles. This ensures that each graft is kept at optimal condition after harvesting, balancing the pH levels and preventing the loss of any follicles prior to transplantation back into the scalp. This solution also acts as a coolant, bringing the temperature of the follicles down and triggering a natural anti-inflammatory effect.

Each follicle is implanted into the scalp through small incisions made with a fine surgical knife. The cooled transplants will adapt to the body’s natural temperature after they are transplanted, helping to cool the scalp and reduce swelling and inflammation throughout the procedure itself. The solution helps to expand the lifespan of the follicles, keeping them at the best condition for longer and ultimately providing an enhanced chance at a successful graft.

ICE FUE With esteGrande Hair Transplant

Every ICE graft esteGrande hair transplant Turkey package we offer will include the procedure, a 5-star hotel,  private transfers between the airport and your hotel, a dedicated host, as well as a travel coordinator who will compile different packages for you to choose from, including the best-priced flights to either Istanbul. You will need to pay for the flights separately, however, the coordinators will work hard to ensure flight options are kept affordable.

The treatment itself will take upwards of 6-8 hours or more, though this will differ on a case-by-case basis depending on how many grafts are required. Following the procedure, there is no strict downtime required for recovery, though it is advised that you remain within Turkey for up to 2 night following the ICE FUE procedure for post-surgery check-ups.

You will also be asked to send photos of your scalp to your dedicated host at one month, three months, six months, nine months and twelve months in order to track the healing process and maintain the best results.

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