Ice Grafts Hair Transplant Technique

Ice Grafts Hair Transplant Technique, Follicular unit extraction (FUE) along with direct hair implantation (DHI) methods are the industry standards of hair transplantation today. In these methods, we harvest individual hair follicles from your donor area. We do this with the help of a micromotor that does this job in a precise manner. After gently extracting the follicles from the donor area, we clean them to prepare for implantation.

A new approach to the preservation of follicles after extraction is so-called ICE FUE method. The operation, whether it be FUE or DHI, stays pretty much the same. The only difference comes into play in the preservation of grafts before implantation.


In ICE FUE, we put grafts in a solution and keep it at a specific cool temperature. With the lowered temperature, follicles get to keep their vitality for longer periods of time.  Cooled-down follicles also stay viable for longer periods of time. 

When we cool them down, essentially the natural metabolic processes follicles undergo slow down to a near halt. We get less free radicals floating around. They are simply able to live for longer periods of time outside the body.

The special solution we put follicles into contains certain antioxidants and vitamins in it. The pH level of this solution is compatible with grafted tissue and thus prevent inflammation. This way, follicles stay in an optimal state until the recipient area is ready for implantation.  

The Rest of the Operation

The procedures during the remaining parts of the operation stay identical to a regular FUE. Your physician opens canals according to the number of grafts we got from your donor areas. The physician uses a very small tool to open canals that will become the new home for the grafts. After the implantation, each follicle will reach body temperature within quite a short period of time. Also, grafts implanted with ICE FUE method will result in less inflammation (swelling) after the operation. 

Usually, FUE operations take six to eight hours in total, though different patients may experience different durations. To learn if you are eligible for hair transplantation, you can always leave your number for us to get in touch with you. We will determine your eligibility according to your health conditions in general and how you score on the Norwood Scale. Our doctors are experts in this field. They have the best capabilities to help you on your way to a more youthful appearance.

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