Improper Brushing Triggers Hair Loss, The most common hair-care routine of all time has got to be brushing your hair, and the one that matters the most really. However, did you know that improper brushing triggers hair loss?

Most people never question how they brush their hair. They are all sure they are doing it the right way when chances are they are not. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about brushing hair. Be sure to know all the ways of improper brushing that trigger hair loss so you can avoid them.

Improper Brushing Ways That Triggers Hair Loss

Common ways of brushing your hair are responsible for many hair shedding. In order to avoid any improper brushing that triggers hair loss, recognise and change the following habits.

Brushing the Hair from the Root Down

It seems only logical to brush the hair from where it grows to where it ends since you are following gravity. Well, it might be logical, but it is in no way the better way.

Brushing the hair from the root puts much more stress on it. It pulls the hair follicle more due to the brushing traction being closer to it. Thus, making it easier to pull the hair out. Do it in reverse instead. Start from the ends of your hair and make your way up to the roots. This puts less stress on it and minimises chances of hair loss.

Trying to Brush All at Once

You usually start from the root and race to the ends in one go, right? That’s wrong. If your hair is rather long, grab a section of it, brush it, and then grab another and repeat until you brush all of it. 

This helps keep the tension from bruising closer to the brushing site rather than up the strands where it pulls from the hair root. Each section you grab should not be larger than your hand.

Brushing the Hair When It’s Wet

This is about one of the worst things you can do to your hair, really. And most do it and don’t even suspect it. Hair that is wet—whether fresh out of the shower, from the rain, the beach or pool—is already being pulled down. The action of gravity falls heavily on it due to the amount of water weighing it down.

The last thing it needs is an extra pull from combing and brushing. Wait until your hair is completely dry before even thinking of brushing it. 

Using a Bad Brush

There are good brushes and bad brushes. A good brush is one with its strands made from nylon, and that is not too stiff. A bad one is every other brush. Also, if using combs, select one that is wide-toothed, and slide it gently between your strands when combing.


Hair does not need brushing 100 times a day to look its best; two times a day is more than enough. Brushing serves to cleanse the hair and untie knots, which might leave it looking a bit better. 

Yet doing it a lot doesn’t improve its appearance beyond that. Keep your brushing times few and far between. Dumping those techniques of improper brushing that trigger hair loss helps your head keep a few more strands longer. esteGrande Instagram

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