Is Dry Hair a Sign of Hair Loss? The state of our hair can say much about us and our overall health situation. A headful of shiny, healthy hair is seen as a sign of good health and vitality. 

In addition, there are several things that can happen or that we can do to our hair to alter its state. Many states of hair are only a by-product of a cosmetic treatment we are applying that is necessary to achieve the intended effect.

Some of the things we do routinely alter it as well, even if we don’t intend them to. One of the most common conditions is when the hair is dry. Dry hair becomes an issue to fashion-conscious people and people that experience hair loss. 

The latter often blames the dry hair for their misfortunes in retrospect. But is dry hair a sign of hair loss? Does it always precede it? And if so, is it preventable? 

Here are the answers to those queries.

Causes of Dry Hair

Many things can cause dry hair and affect the overall feel of your hair as a consequence. Take the following into account to avoid making your hair dry.


Easily the most common. Heat-styling tools such as hair straighteners, hairdryers, and even heat from the sun will dry your hair. Better avoid these heat-styling tools altogether and let your hair dry on its own with the air. As for the sun, you always have sun hats, caps, and the like as aides.

Hair Dyeing

The chemicals used in the process end up drying your hair to make your new hair colour stick to it. Ammonia and peroxide do a number of things on the protective layer of your hair that leave it dry and brittle. If you have to do it, use semipermanent dyes that are less aggressive.


Yes, every time you shampoo, it dries your hair. It is simply necessary in order to cleanse your scalp and hair of any filth. The hair will dry out due to the shampoo removing its natural oils during the cleansing. 

The good news is, you don’t have to shampoo it every day. Limit washing your hair to only two times a week. Seriously, that’s all you need. And remember to use a conditioner after.

Also, read the listed ingredients of your shampoo. If it has ammonia on it, drop it. Try natural shampoos instead.

Dry Hair as a Sign of Hair Loss

So is dry hair a sign of hair loss?

Partially yes, it is. Dry hair, as a result of the aforementioned situations, will precede hair shedding because the hair is easier to break in those cases. But it will grow back as long as you are not suffering from androgenetic alopecia, also known as baldness.

If you are suffering from it, however, then dry hair will accelerate the rate of hair loss from, and it will not grow back. Androgenetic alopecia by itself does not cause dry hair, so dry hair is not necessarily a precondition to hair loss from androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss that way can only come back with FUE hair transplant procedure. Our surgeons perform high-quality hair transplants at affordable prices. Contact us for advice and assistance.

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