Is It Possible to Dye Your Hair after a Hair Transplant Surgery?

Is It Possible to Dye Your Hair after a Hair Transplant Surgery? Hair transplant surgery provides more voluminous, thicker, and natural-looking hair on the balding areas if you lose your hair permanently. This operation includes minimal surgical intervention, which means the recovery time will be really short. Also, the risk rate is really low compared to other traditional surgeries. 

That said, many people who undergo hair transplant operation wonder if they need to treat their hair differently than before. In this article, we will answer the question if it is possible to dye your hair after a hair transplant surgery.

Is It Possible to Change Transplanted Hair’s Colour?

Hair transplant procedures include planting your natural hair that the doctor takes from the donor area (commonly from the back of your scalp) to the balding sites. This means your hair will not be any different from your own hair, and it will go through the same hair growth cycle after the transplant. Since newly implanted hair is natural, you can cut or dye your hair. You can also apply every other treatment on your implanted hair as before. However, you should be careful for a brief period after the transplant in order to get the best results.

The recovery time after the hair transplant surgery is not long. During the recovery, you should avoid all kinds of activities that may damage your scalp. On account of the fact that the doctor will make small incisions on your scalp to plant healthy hair follicles, you should give your scalp some time to heal before you apply anything on it.

How Long Should You Wait to Dye Your Hair?

While it is possible to dye your hair after the hair transplant procedure, recovery time depends on the patient. It may change between one month to two months. Generally, it is possible to dye transplanted hair after several weeks. Thus, you will prevent any damages that hair dye could do on your scalp.

Some doctors recommend waiting until your hair grows to a noticeable length before you dye your hair. The best thing you could do is to ask and follow your doctor’s instructions. Another thing you need to keep in mind is to seek a professional’s help to change your hair colour. Hair dyes include several chemicals, and any mistake can result in damage on your scalp. Also, whether for natural or implanted hair, box dyes are not as safe as the professional ones.

Consider Dyeing Your Hair before the Transplant

If you do not want to wait several weeks without dyeing your hair, you may consider dyeing it shortly before the surgery. Thus, the colour will last until your scalp is ready for hair dye again. 

In conclusion, we can surely say that the hair transplant procedure is not an obstacle to change your hair colour. You can have the colour you want and still get thicker, fuller hair at the same time thanks to the hair transplant operations.

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