Is Silicone Good For Your Hair? Most hair care products would have silicone as a primary ingredient. However, there are some hair care products which are labelled as “silicone-free”.

People wonder whether it’s supposed to be taken as a warning or an advertisement saying that silicone-free products are safe for your hair. Well, there are practically two sides to every story.

What are Silicones?

Most people would find it alarming that silicone can be found in hair care products. Well, this isn’t a surprise knowing that silicones are often compared to plastic and rubber which are commonly found in adhesives, lubricants, and other household products.

Silicones are mainly composed of carbon, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms which come to fruition to create polymers.

Is Silicone Good for Your Hair?

Contrary to public opinion, silicone is actually safe and non-toxic to use on your hair. This is considered as a heat protectant that coats your hair follicles to protect it from harsh elements like heat, cold, dirt, sebum, and other chemicals.

Silicone actually adds life to damaged hair. It helps straighten and smoothen your hair to achieve that lustrous finish. It seals in the moisture and the conditioner which helps get rid of the tangles and breakage.

The Bad Side of Silicone

Silicone is like a band-aid solution to a hair dilemma. It can only make your hair look healthy without really contributing to its vibrancy. It’s only a temporary fix to a dull and damaged hair.

Most silicone ingredients are not water-soluble so the silicone would just build up and could weigh your hair down. It would then look damp and lifeless.

It actually coats, and water-proofs your hair, but this can be counter-productive since it would also block the cleaning and moisturizing power of shampoo and conditioner.

Sure, it would coat your hair and add shine. This is just an artificial shine which is the opposite of having a natural shine and bounce that comes with healthy hair.

But, in the long run, your hair would be very greasy because of the silicone, and that would attract more dirt and could lead to damage.

Is there a Need to Stop Using Silicone Hair Products?

Well, this is really up to you. Silicone does have a lot of good aesthetic benefits to your hair like adding smoothness and vitality. Your hair would look totally fabulous with silicon on it.

However, you must thoroughly wash your hair every day to get rid of unwanted buildup or residue that could clog hair follicles and block hydration.

It’s practically a safe and effective hair care product that beautifies your hair and improves its fullness and shine. However, you must thoroughly clean your hair and use conditioner properly to retain its moisture.

There are pros and cons to using silicone products for your hair. Silicone is good for your hair, but you must not forget to create a balance by using it sparingly. For instance, using it once or twice a week and washing it off with shampoo and conditioner would be helpful.

Celebrities and models could attest to how silicone-based hair care products can enhance the look of your hair but overdoing it can have its downside as well.

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