Is There a Relationship Between Male Pattern Baldness and Testosterone?

Well, the relation between baldness and testosterone is complicated. People believe that men with high testosterone will definitely experience baldness. However, different parts of the body react differently to hormonal changes. While you are losing your hair on your scalp due to a hormone, your facial hair can get thicker.

Androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, affects millions of men around the world. Male pattern baldness has a distinctive shape. The bald parts form an M shape, and the front hairline recedes. The crown becomes bald, as well. On top of that, androgenic alopecia harms the hair follicle and has a bad impact on the hair growth cycle, so, it makes your hair fall out.

What is Testosterone?

It is a steroid hormone that plays a key factor in male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate. It also increases secondary sexual characteristics, such as muscle and bone mass. Testosterone also has a great impact on the growth of body hair.

There are different forms of testosterone. There is free testosterone flowing through your body, and it is not bound to proteins. This form is available to act within the body. It can also be bound to albumin, a protein in your blood. Most of it is bound to SHBG protein, and they are not active. In case you have a low level of SHBG, your bloodstreams’ level of free testosterone could be high.

There is an enzyme called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and it is made of testosterone. DHT is more efficacious than testosterone itself. This is the form of testosterone that your body uses in prostate, skin and hair follicles.


There are DHT enzymes in your hair follicles. Not the testosterone itself, but the actions of DHT is responsible for your hair loss. Doctors think that there is a link between DHT levels and metabolic syndrome and other health conditions.

However, we cannot directly blame high DHT levels in your blood. The reason for that is a person might have high DHT levels but do not experience baldness. 

Actually, the main reason is your genes. It is the sensation of your hair follicles, and they are determined by genetics. If you have the AR gene, it makes the receptor on hair follicles sensitive. Having sensitive follicles means that your hair will get easily triggered by even small amounts of DHT. At the end of the day, you will be experiencing male pattern hair loss.

Other Reasons and Solutions

There are other reasons for hair loss, such as stress, ageing, wrong diets. After you make sure that you do not have bad hair habits such as applying heat treatments and chemicals, you need to consult your doctor to find out the reason lying underneath.

There are many kinds of solutions when it comes to hair loss; laser therapies, homemade remedies, and acupuncture. The most effective and permanent solution is hair transplant operation, especially for male pattern baldness. esteGrande Instagram

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