Is There Any Effect On the Brain of a Hair Transplant?

Is There Any Effect On the Brain of a Hair Transplant? If you currently start to lose your hair and looking for solutions, you are not alone. We know that today, about eighty per cent of the world population suffers from hair loss. There might be countless reasons for hair loss, such as hormonal diseases, stress or lack of nutrients. It might also occur due to a medication that you use or the wrong hair care treatments that you apply. Although there are no life-threatening effects of hair loss, the psychological effects on people are huge, which is very understandable.

Is There Any Effect On the Brain of a Hair Transplant?

Even though hair loss is an unappealing situation, there is a permanent solution; a hair transplant operation. Hair transplant surgery is an operation that offers quite quick and satisfying results. However, when it comes to the term “surgery”, it is normal that you have doubts. If you want to have hair transplantation and are afraid of its possible effects, read on. In this article, we will answer the question of whether hair transplantation has any effect on the brain.

What is a Hair Transplant Surgery?

First of all, the hair transplant procedure includes minimal surgical intervention which makes it different from the traditional surgeries. This means hair transplant operation is quite safe and does not carry the risks that other surgeries have.

When you decide to undergo a hair transplant operation, your doctor will examine you and plan the operation. After you arrive at the facility, the surgeon will numb your scalp using local anaesthesia and extract the healthy hair from the donor area (usually the back of your scalp). Then, he or she implants the follicles into the balding areas. There are no complications, no high risk-rates, no pain. You will get your new voluminous hair in a few months. 

Is it Safe?

Let’s just cut to the chase; hair transplant operations are completely safe. As we have mentioned before, they include minimal surgical intervention. You will not feel any pain during or after the surgery. The recovery process after the hair transplant operation is also really quick, so you will not feel any discomfort if you follow your doctor’s instructions strictly.

Everything your doctor does such as making little incisions on your scalp are only on the skin. The incisions are so little that you will not be able to see them even after the surgery. So, we can surely say that hair transplant operations do not have anything to do with your brain.

It is also worth reminding that even this operation is completely safe and easy, it still requires a medical environment and an experienced doctor. It is also really important that you and your doctor are on the same page. This is why you need to decide what you really expect from the hair transplant surgery. If you want to undergo this operation without any side effects and end up with very satisfying results, you can contact us at any time.

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