Is Traction Alopecia Caused by Too Many Tight Ponytails?

Is Traction Alopecia Caused by Too Many Tight Ponytails? Female pattern hair loss is the most widespread cause of hair loss in women. Hair loss occurs in 25% of women aged 35–40 and in 50% of women over 40. In genetic hair loss, a female may have gotten her genes from her father or mother. However, there are some types of hair loss due to external factors.

Is Traction Alopecia Caused by Too Many Tight Ponytails?

Traction alopecia is usually the result of using different hairstyling methods. While making a ponytail, bun, or braid, the hair tied tightly gradually experiences hair loss. If this type of shedding lasts for a long time, hair loss may become permanent. However, the hair usually grows back when it is not pulled tight to have tight hairstyles like a ponytail.

Shaping the hair tightly in the form of a braid and stretching it from the back can permanently damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss which is called traction alopecia.

Although hair loss is considered to be rare in women in society, 30% of women experience thinning in their hair strands during their lifetime. Usually, even in the early stages of thinning hair, it can create a great moral depression in women.

Androgenetic female type hair loss ranks first among the causes of hair loss in women. The other causes are the following:

  • Hypo- and hyperthyroidism  
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Hormonal changes

Regardless of the causes of hair loss, you can regain your old hair with hair restoration methods and hair transplant operations.

Other Causes of Hair Loss Due to External Traumas

The causes of hair loss or thinning may be hair straighteners, hair softeners, frequent hair dyeing, and blow-dryers. They may permanently destroy the hair follicles and cause hair loss. Braided models and hairpieces made using chemical straighteners cause severe damage to the hair. Girls who make a ponytail may also have permanent hair loss. There are other hair loss types due to external traumas.

  • Frequent and shortcut hair also have a risk of contracting blood-borne diseases. Therefore, it is recommended not to use mechanical devices during a haircut.
  • The reason for the hair loss seen around the scalp of ballerinas is trauma in the follicles over time.
  • Hot tools such as irons, hairdryers, and hair straighteners are often causing hair thinning. Use these tools by lowering the heat. If it burns your hand, it also burns your hair. Hair can withstand some heat. However, the use of repetitive heat will cause breakage. If you are using hot tools, be sure to moisturise your hair.
  • Misusing hair-care products is a risky action for hair. Especially when the pool and seawater are added, the hair breakage is accelerated. Therefore, it is essential to moisturise hair like your body.

Although the hairstyle-related conditions are generally thought to affect African people, experts say that all types of hair carry these risks. As a result of the research conducted in Africa covering 2,000 adults and children, 1/3 of women and 1 in 7 girls experience hair loss.

The hair loss usually decreases and disappears with medication treatments. However, hair transplant is still the best method to regain your healthy hair back. If you have any kind of hair loss and want to treat it permanently, call esteGrande to get perfect results.

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