African American FUE—How to Frame the Face

African American FUE—How to Frame the Face, Many people believe that hair transplants are only for someone dealing with hair loss. But it is not the case. Many men and even women who have very thin hairlines can also undergo hair transplant surgery. This procedure is called African American FUE.

African American FUE—How to Frame the Face

Furthermore, people do confuse African American FUE with the loss of hair. However, it is not true at all. There may be problems that can lead to hairline receding. Hence, they have a hairline that looks very thin, and it may also appear like hair loss. It may lead to a low level of confidence in such people. Therefore, African American FUE is a technique developed to deal with such a situation. 

What Is African American FUE? 

Firstly, it must be taken into consideration that the African American hairline structure is a bit different from other hairlines. Also, the quality and the makeup of their hair lead them to lose hair. It so happens that such people may have a low level of confidence due to this situation. 

To deal with this situation, you can undergo African American FUE. It is a hair-restoring technique that will help in the hair transplant using specific techniques and methods. Also, the African American FUE technique promotes hair growth. Besides that, through this method, people can gain back the normal-looking hairlines that they seek. There are many factors that play an important role in African American FUE. And they must always be taken seriously.

Factors to Consider

Certain factors must be under consideration while performing the African American FUE. These are the elements that play a crucial role when it comes to the restoration of hair.

The Structure of Hairline

One major thing to note is that you must verify the differences in the hairline structure of African American males and white males since this difference plays a crucial role in hairline restoration.  

The white males have much straighter hairline than African American males.  

Difficulty in FUE

Secondly, among the most important things to note before undergoing African American FUE are the texture and the quality of the hair. It is quite obvious that the extraction of the hair of an African American male is challenging. Since African American males have naturally curly hair, this poses a challenge when it comes to extraction of the strands.  

To carry out the procedure, the surgeon removes the required number of hair follicles from the donor area and transplant them into the bald area. When it comes to framing the face, FUE requires utmost care. Just putting grafts to cover a bald spot is not enough. 

Novice surgeons sometimes start with too high a hairline that does very little to improve the patient’s look. Due to this reason, you need to hire an experienced surgeon who will be familiar with all the intricate details of the surgery. Typically, the framing of the face should begin at the point where the vertical forehead meets the horizontal scalp line. 


Whether you have a genetically receding hairline or a hairline caused by external factors, you must not lose your self-esteem. Since there are various methods of hair transplants, you should not worry about hair loss too much anymore. 

If you are seeking medical advice, you can get in touch with us. With the help of our skilled medical professionals, you can gain back that beautiful, healthy-looking hairline. esteGrande Instagram

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