Tena name James Brown is a renowned name inside female celebrity and hairstylist circles alike. And not for anything either. Throughout his career, James has been able to put his hands at the service of the likes of model Kate Moss and actress Emma Watson of the Harry Potter fame.

Since starting hairstyling at the young age of fifteen years old, James got nothing but succeeds lined up for him. Just during his first year at the business he got acquaintance and struck a friendship with a still schoolgirl Kate Moss. 

The pair hung out at the hairdressing shop frequently, and he became her stylist almost without a thought. And when she hit it big on the runway, he did not miss the shot to have her, soon to be superstar friend, take him with her.

What followed was an impressive list of milestones. Including being the youngest hairstylist feature in the prestigious British Vogue cover at just 22.

James Brown’s expertise also made its way into TV. In 2005 he had his first show to document his life, famous friendships, and skills with E4’s ‘James Brown Supermodel Salon’. And also, again in 2011 as a judge in the show ‘The Great British Hairdresser’.

By now, it’s obvious that James Brown is a master of having hair looking amazing. But is his skill enough to reverse male pattern hair loss? Probably not, but he managed regardless.

James Brown Hair Before and After

Since his shot to prominence, people knew James for making fashion statements and sticking by them with discipline. He always appeared in public as well as when working using iconic hats, sometimes accompanied with suits, but the hat was the staple.

Many thought that this was just an eccentric fashion statement from a talented fashion worker, but there was a reason behind the hat. James Brown was balding and has been so since a young age, Ironic given he cared for many people’s hairs, but his own was going. 

Only most close associates of him knew, though due to his ever-present hats. This, however, was a source of severe anxiety for James for more than a decade. But today it no longer is, and his hair is looking even thicker than ever. How could that be? Easy, it was thanks to the James Brown hair transplant.

James Brown Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

James had confided that his struggle with hair loss started early when he was 24. ‘One day I was at the pool in Miami and had a chance to look in the mirror and, to my horror, I saw my hair was going’ he lets us know. 

But he chose not to take action on it and, instead, adopted his faithful use of a hat for decades to come. But the hair loss did not stop. It was not until 2012 that the state of his hair loss made him say enough was enough, and he dedicated to finding a way to stop it. Instead, he found a way to restore it.

He found out about hair transplant procedures and its possibilities. Fascinated, he relates that he went to clinics in London, Los Angeles, and Dublin, talking to the surgeons and looking at their work. ‘I obsessed with finding the best one’, James says, ‘For a whole year I made it my life’s work to do so.’

Eventually, James did find one he approved of, and the James Brown hair transplant took place. Of course, the results have lasted magnificent to this day.

Hair Restoration with FUE Hair Transplant

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The result from the procedure is also long-lasting due to the fact that the graft taken from the back of the scalp is thinning-resistant.

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