James Nesbitt Hair Transplant, Hailing from Northern Ireland. Actor James Nesbitt has claimed accolades on stage, on TV, and on the big screen. Well-known for starring in Murphy’s Law, Nesbitt’s initial ambitions could not have been farther apart from acting.

While he was studying French at university, he hoped to follow his father’s footsteps and become a teacher. Young Nesbitt ultimately decided against it and dropped out after a year. He decided to pursue acting shortly after.

According to him, he could not have been less interested in acting. It was not until after he saw The Winslow Boy that he, in his own words, “felt a light go on.”

Starting with many stage productions, he found audience praise and critical success there. Steady work for film and television followed some time after.

James Nesbitt can act; there’s no denying the range of his prowess in that regard. But you can’t act your way out of a receding hairline. Instead, he took real action.

Hair Progress of James Nesbitt

Born in January 1965, James Nesbitt’s journey in battling baldness is well-documented in images over the years. Many pictures of the before(s) and after(s) of Nesbitt could be used for advertising hair transplants.

At various points in his public life, Nesbitt sported a receding hairline. Then he became almost bald, and then later seen with a new set of hair. And, due to some unforeseen circumstances, back at the beginning of that cycle all over again. Must have been quite a ride.

James Nesbitt’s Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

He did not have a hair transplant. James Nesbitt’s hair transplant procedures already count to six instances at the time of this writing.

Nesbitt has spent much time and money in a long battle against baldness. A battle that appears to be won for the moment being.

James himself stayed silent about it until 2013. He said that he could not keep quiet about his hair; it became an obsession. Nesbitt credits the results for boosting his career and only praises his surgeon for the results.

Hair Loss 

Age hits us all, and it also does it our hairlines with sometimes particularly punishing manifestations.

But not only age comes into play when it comes to the hairline. This is something that James Nesbitt knows all too well. You can see his hairline receding even in younger pictures from when he was around thirty.

This is due to genetics. Some of the genes we inherit make us susceptible to dihydrotestosterone in greater or lesser measure.

Dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) is a hormone that binds itself to hair follicles, causing them to shrink. The shrinking continues until the hair follicle no longer grows, causing what’s known as the male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplants: The Most Useful Solution

But just as Nesbitt has shown us, you don’t have to put up with it, at least not anymore.

Hair transplants are a procedure that can deliver natural-looking results to revitalise your hairline’s looks.

Our surgeon performs it with the highest levels of quality. The best thing about it is that its results are long-lasting and the procedure is rather light. Great quality and swift process? It doesn’t get better than that.

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