Joe Swash Hair Transplant, Actor and TV presenter Joe Swash brings an extra-energetic charm every time he pops up on-screen. He scored his big TV break in 2003 as a cast member of EastEnders, where he played the cheeky Mickey Miller.

After ending his run on the beloved scripted series, Swash went to reality television. As a contestant of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Swash struck an odd on-screen friendship with George Takei.

And not only did he manage to handle what the jungle threw at him, but he also did, in fact, win. After twenty-one days of surviving in the Australian jungle, Swash was finally crowned king.

By now, no one can deny that Swash has got survival skills. But are those skills enough to survive a receding hairline? Apparently, but he might have had some extra help too.

Before and After of Joe Swash’s Hair

Looking at images of Swash before 2009, including his appearance on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, his hair is palpably thin. Not just thin—it was “about-to-be-balding” thin. Progressively in the years after, his hair started sprouting where there were none before.

By the year 2014, you could see a healthy-looking hairline, a far cry from his former appearance. Joe has appeared with luscious hair that would have been unthinkable that he could grow in 2009.

Many suspected there was knife-play involved.

Joe Swash Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

So did a Joe Swash hair transplant ever took place? By his own admission, yes, he did. Now only that, but he also let us in on the fact that this Joe Swash hair transplant was his third already.

In a candid interview in June 2018, Joe revealed that he first got a hair transplant after I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. The fear of the prospect of being rejected for TV roles due to baldness was his main reason.

Swash revealed his affection for FUE transplant. This method relocates healthy follicles from the back of the scalp onto the desired target area by grafting. This allowed him to ditch wearing a hat in public completely, and for that, Swash celebrated the procedure.

Hair Loss in Men

Age spares no one, and neither does genetics. This is especially true when we talk about hair loss.

Our bodies have a grade of sensitivity to a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short), which is genetically determined. Some people are more susceptible to little quantities, while some are more resistant.

DHT is a by-product of testosterone that binds itself to our hair follicles and, unfortunately, causes them to shrink. The shrinking goes on progressively thinning the hair until it actually makes the hair follicle stop growing.

This process is what is known as male pattern baldness, and it was what afflicted Joe Swash for so long.

Hair Transplant, a Permanent Solution

Just a Joe figured, however, there are solutions around hair loss. Nowadays, you don’t have to stand by and watch your hair wither away. You can do something about it, and our surgeons can help you to.

A modern hair transplant produces long-lasting, natural-looking results within a relatively short procedure.

As Joe himself exemplifies, it can be a magnificent way to get you looking fresh and young again. If you ever grow tired of struggling with hair receding or hair loss, here’s your ultimate solution.

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