Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant, Professor of psychology teaching at the University of Toronto and also a clinical psychologist specialising in the areas of social psychology, Canadian professor Jordan Peterson became an Internet star thanks to his YouTube channel.

Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant

A fierce critic of political correctness, his message resonates with the youth that finds the restriction of speech tyrannical. His positions drew fire from critics but also provided him with a massive audience.

Jordan Peterson is famous for his use of rhetoric, but can he debate a receding hairline to nonexistence? Most probably not, but he might have used other methods to do it.

Hair: Before and After of Jordan Peterson

Seen from his videos dating to the year 2010, Jordan Peterson had a receding hairline problem. After his social-media-fuelled rise to fame, his hairline mysteriously looked perfect suddenly. Much too perfect, in fact.

This is enough to get the rumour mill running. Whether or not a Jordan Peterson hair transplant had taken place is sometimes a subject in interviews.

Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant: Has He Had One?

Jordan Peterson has never admitted to having undergone a hair transplant procedure. He credited his hair growth and weight loss compared to his 2010 appearance to a healthy diet change. He insists that adopting a diet consisting of meat helped him turn his hair situation around.

But people savvy on the subject of hair loss may disagree, pointing out that in cases of diet change, it is easier to prevent more hair from falling than to regrow lost hair. Nevertheless, that is the story he tells.

The noticeable revival of his hairline lines up with what can be achieved with an FUE procedure. A follicular unit excision (FUE) procedure consists of directly removing the healthy follicles from a donor area then grafting them into the desired area to repopulate the balding spot.

Hair Loss in Men

As it can be glimpsed in Dr Peterson’s case, no matter how intelligent, clever, and or famous you are, hair loss can affect anybody.

Many factors are taken into account when regarding this problem. But many blame genetics. Some genes make you particularly susceptible to dihydrotestosterone.

DHT (short for dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that is a by-product of testosterone, the male hormone. DHT is naturally produced in your body, where it sometimes binds itself to your hair follicles and unfortunately causes them to shrink.

Worst of all is that this is a problem for most men, not only Dr Peterson. But as he has shown us, much can be done about it.

Hair Transplants: The Permanent Solution for You

Dr Peterson does not have to admit it himself, but he sure could be an example of an excellent hair transplant.

His now-fixed hairline helped him reach a young audience and become an Internet celebrity popularising his philosophy.

Like the success of his procedure, our surgeons can do likewise for your hair. And if you want a procedure that will give you quick and dramatic improvement, get in touch with us for advice and customised treatment plans.

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