English actor and all-around heartthrob, dream-like handsome man, Jude Law has been making the ladies swoon for two decades now.

First noted for his supporting role in The Talented Mr Ripley and gained worldwide recognition as Watson in 2008’s Sherlock Holmes.

Even before his big break, he has singled out for being a handsome lad, multiple times named one of the sexiest actors alive.

With so much attention put to his appearance, Law’s hairline has been a point of contention for many years already. One question remains about it: did Jude Law have a hair transplant.

Before and After Hair Transplant of Jude Law

For his lesser-known roles around the late ’80s, Jude had a healthy thick mane of golden locks. At the time of Mr Ripley, it started to thin but only so slightly. Now, after Sherlock Holmes premiered, you could see that underneath Watson’s hat, a receding hairline was gaining ground.

The thing is that many times after that premier he has appeared with a much thicker hair. How did it happen?

Jude Law Hair Transplant: Has he had one?

Did the Jude Law hair transplant take place? He has repeatedly denied so.

Still, many people are suspicious of his hair’s looks around the years 2012 and 2014 when it looked pretty thick.

And that was years after the premiere of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ where it looked anything but. So, it is a bit disconcerting, but no, it is unlikely that the Jude Law hair transplant ever took place.

If it had, he would not look like he does nowadays.

Nowadays Jude has embraced his baldness and sports his ‘lone island’ hairline with pride. And that has not diminished him in the eyes of the ladies one bit. It is more likely that his previous thicker hair appearances were due to using hair fibre products.

Still one has to wonder why no one has suggested to Jude Law hair transplant procedures.

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Hair Loss in Men

As a man ages, he will start to notice changes in his hair, how it thins and, ultimately, falls, never to grow again.

As many as 85% of men will experience hair loss at some point. It is currently believed that genetic factors are to blame.

Fallen hair might grow back many times after, but it gets thinner and shorter. Eventually, it starts to take a lot longer for it to grow back until follicles shrink and growth ceases.

Hair Transplant: Science’s Own Solution

Science rose to the challenge of tackling this health issue in men and came up with an answer.

It is basically surgically extracting healthy hair follicles from elsewhere in the body. Only for then to transplant them into the blading area so they can grow back and restore the appearance.

A hair transplant procedure is a way to regain your hair’s youthful looks. If you are interested in it, our specialized surgeons are more than capable of it. They will deliver stunning results that will reinvigorate your appearance.

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