Latest Beard Trends, Sporting a beard has really become popular in the past few years. Bearded men back then were seen as unkempt and even unprofessional. Today, however, the beard is considered a style accessory that can help men enhance their outfit and express themselves. Clearly, people’s attitude towards beards has changed. 

As a result of this exciting shift in attitude, there is a growing number of beard styles to choose from. What’s more, there are now more products available that can help men achieve their desired look. Are you unsure about what style to have? Here are the latest beard trends for this year:

  • Stubble
  • Beardstache
  • Short Beard

The Stubble

People used to take men with stubbles as too lazy to shave daily. Nowadays, the stubble is one of the latest beard trends. It’s a popular and widely accepted style for those who don’t want a clean shave but can’t rock a full beard. Growing stubbles is easy—the easiest among all the styles of facial hair. All you have to do is stop shaving for a few days. Staying away from the razor for three to four days results in the ideal length for most guys.

Stubble is best suitable for men who want to add a little maturity to their appearance. It can also help you achieve a stronger-looking jaw. Also, it is very easy to maintain. You just need to keep it at the optimum length. If it’s too short, you’ll simply look like you forgot to shave. If it’s too long, on the other hand, it can look untidy.

The Beardstache

The beardstache is another one of the latest beard trends that grew in popularity these past few years. It is a hybrid facial hair style that sits between stubble and a full beard. With a beardstache, you maintain a longer moustache compared to the surrounding hair. It is one of those trends that polarise people—you either love it or hate it. It does express to people that you’re more adventurous and fun.

This beard style suits most face shapes and adds a masculine ruggedness. You can grow a beardstache by simply letting the hair around your upper lip grow longer than the stubble around your chin and cheeks. A beardstache looks better when the difference between the moustache and the surrounding hair isn’t too drastic. In addition, you can use a moustache comb and wax to keep your beard free from any tangles.

The Short Beard

As the name suggests, a short beard is a shorter version of the full beard. It is one of the latest beard trends perfect for people who prefer a neater look while keeping some length. You can tailor the length and angles of your short beard to emphasise certain facial features. A good-quality beard trimmer and even a wet razor will help you maintain a neat appearance.

Expert Tips in Trying the Latest Beard Trends

Don’t forget that healthy skin results in healthier hair. If you want to try the latest beard trends, remember to exfoliate using a facial scrub. It will help keep the skin fresh underneath your carefully maintained beard. Also, special dyes specially designed for facial hair are now available for older men. That is if you don’t want random grey areas in your beard. esteGrande Instagram 

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