People’s obsession with eyebrows is at an all-time high, and there are now and shapes styles to suit every face and personality. Try some of the latest eyebrow trends that will take your overall look to another level.

Coloured Brows

Colouring your brows with a bright colour is one of the latest eyebrow trends that have graced the pages of our favourite beauty magazines. Most people stick with an eyebrow colour that’s as close as possible to their natural hair colour. But instead of filling in your eyebrows with a brown- or taupe-coloured brow pencil, you can experiment with other colours too. If you have brightly dyed hair, try matching it with the colour of your brows. Or you can just stick to the natural shade of your natural hair while adding the pop of colour in your eyebrows. It’s a sure way to make a statement. 

Bleached Brows

On the other side of the spectrum of the latest eyebrow trends, you have people bleaching their brows. Looking like you don’t have any eyebrows can make just as strong an impact as having brightly coloured eyebrows. If you want to bleach your brows, the key is to make it appear as close to your skin tone as possible. This will really set you apart from the rest of the population who are sticking to strong, dark eyebrows. This eyebrow trend has become popular partly as a result of celebrities opting for this style. It is, however, not for everyone.

Dramatic Pencilled-In Brows

Fashion and style always go through cycles. When done right, it’s always trendy to bring back styles of previous decades. The same is true with dramatic pencilled-in brows as one of the latest eyebrow trends. It calls back to memory the brows style women sported in the late ’50s and ’60s. Whereas nowadays people go for a more natural look, you can switch it up by making it obvious that you do fill in your eyebrows. This trend is perfect for very confident women.

Messy Brows

It’s almost ironic to work on your brows just to make it look like you didn’t work on it at all. But that’s exactly what you’re trying to achieve with the messy brows style—one of the latest eyebrow trends. You can look to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara for inspiration. Who knew that looking natural and ungroomed would become so fashionable?

Cosmetic Procedures: The Latest Eyebrow Trends

With the power of technology today, people can now improve their eyebrows in an instant. They will no longer go through the hassle of drawing their eyebrows every single day. The world of cosmetics is indeed evolving. The following are some of the permanent/semipermanent ways to make your eyebrows look good. 

Brow Extensions

In the same way that you can get hair extensions to make your hair look longer, brow extensions are a thing now too. For women who want to try other brow styles, buying extensions is one of the latest eyebrow trends. During the procedure, experts match very small hair fibres to your natural hair colour. These are then put in place using a transparent glue. What’s more, the extensions are placed following the natural growth of your eyebrow hairs to achieve a natural texture. Brow extensions are usually resistant to water and sweat, so they should last for a few weeks.

Brow Transplants

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your eyebrow needs, consider getting brow transplants. This procedure has become one of the latest eyebrow trends in the past few years. Brow transplants are now more available than ever. A successful transplant requires around 250–400 donor hairs for each eyebrow. The surgeon uses very small needles to take these donor hairs from behind your ears. As a result, the procedure does not cause any scarring. It is a safe and precise procedure that can easily achieve a smooth and full appearance.

The key to a successful brow transplant is to choose an institution that you can trust. Reliable hair transplant experts like esteGrande can help you with this problem without fear of any risks or side effects. You can contact us to learn more about our quality services.

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